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Tx exam 1

Ch 2 - Spanish Invasion of Texas

Álvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca FL= bad indians -> Lived among the natives in tx cities of gold legend ...member captured native tribe later
Marcos de Niza first expedition to find the cities of gold --scouts were killed. Came back to Mexico City and falsely claimed seeing the cities of gold.
Esteván 1st african named Niza's primary guide on the expedition to find the seven cities of gold, Was killed by Zuni Indians when scouting
Francisco de Coronando Captured cities grand canyon no gold...thx El Turco.. slave liar gave tx bad report
Sieur de la Salle claimed mississippi Galveston &Corpis CHristi Fort St. Lewis..sp and indians destroyed it Killed by own men
Father Massenet and San Francisco de los Tejas 1st mission caddo welcomed -> converted -> sickness -> rape -> D:<
Louis Juchereau de St. Denis fr. trading post w/sp constructed san antonio
Establishment of San Antonio *town *presido *4 mission
Establishment of la Bahía -coastal -second attempt at settling in TX to protect the coast -only small tribes converted
Peninsulare 100 %Spanish upper class (gov $$)
Creole Sp. born in Colonies locked out of top position (even ppl w/$$)
Mestizo mixed European and Native
Ranching in Sp. Texas most important $$ -land grants from king -drove live stock south
Father Miguel Hidalgo and Augustín de Iturbide -priest evaded arrest (from voltaire ideas) -> rally ppl w/bells Iturbide brought back peace -> instead of taking the priest he marches and takes mx independance
Gutierrez-Magee Expedition 'dictatorship' ..joint mx intellect (Gutierrez) & usa officer (Magee) ---"Republican Army of the North"
James Long -declared tx independent -annexed Galveston -taken prisoner by mx
Created by: b0303642