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Tx exam 1

Ch 1 - Before European Contact

Midland Minnie "First mother of Texas" -skull & bones on Scharbauer Ranch near Midland, Tx,
atl-atl -a stick with a notch where the end of spear rested. -easy, efficient hunting - power and distance over longer throws of a spear
Agricultural Revolution food sources Corn (Maize), Beans, and Squash..domesticated tomatoes, rice, onions, and potatoes -***seeds spread***
American Triad / "3 sisters" Corn (Maize), beans, squash
Caddy Location -oldest Native Americans in Tx Location- Northeast, TX. Spilled into Louisiana and Arkansas
Jumano location New Mexico, Nueva Vizcaya (Mexico), and West Texas
Karankwa location Gulf Coastal region (Galveston & Corpus)
Plains Indian use of buffalo meat clothing tepees tools & weapons, ropes and lashings from muscles, stomach for storage bags, drank the animals fat.
Kiowa location The Plains... BUFFALO
Kiowa briefs -1 God created the world and everything in it except the Kiowa tribe -Sun dance* = buffalo return -...Tai-me (small green human statue) = source of spiritual power
Kiowa lifestyle School for boys, Hunters and gatherers, follow buffalo,
Karankwa briefs ate their enemies to recieve enemies spirit, power
Karankwa lifestyle semi-nomadic, Cannibalistic, domesticated the dog, hunted with bows and arrows -traveled in dugout canoes
Jumano briefs During the harvest they would worship their spirits, sing, and dance, around big campfires.
Jumano lifestyle farmers, large adobe houses, strong people, painted faces, trade network with the Caddos and Pueblos. -traded buffalo for jewlry
Caddy briefs Strong rule by the chief called Caddi, Xinesi was priest oversaw sacred ceremonies( burning a sacred fire)..God created the world called Caddi-Ayo (leader from Above) Devil (Caddaja) Worshiped corn, Mother Earth, rain, and fire. Believed in creation.
Caddy lifestyle Mound builders, Farmers Sedentary, Men hunted, Women tended to the crops, traded
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