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Marco Polo Sailed for Italy 1280 His goals were to find wealth and to establish a friendship with Asia.He was famous for first traveling to Asia in the Middle Ages and going farthest down the Silk Road and he wrote a book starting the era of exploration.
Bartholomeu Dias Sailed for Portugal 1475 Goals were find land for Pesten John and a trade route to India. Famous for being the first European to travel to the southern tip of Asia, and to visit Asia as well.
Christopher Columbus Sailed for Spain 1492 Goals were to sail from Asia to the Atlantic and to find a new trade route to Asia. Famous for establishing a link to the "Old World"
Vasco Da Gama Sailed for Portugal 1497 Goals were discovering a new route to India and taking over. Famous for finding a route to find the route to India that went further than the tip of Africa.
Amerigo Vespucci Sailed for Spain 1497 Goals were to explore the new world and see if it was Asia. Famous for taking four voyages and discovering America which was named after him. Also that North and South America were not close to Asia.
John Cabot Sailed for England 1497 Goals were to find an easier water route to Asia and bring back spices and jewels. Famous for claiming land in what would eventually become Canada and North America.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Sailed for Spain 1513 Goals were to explore the new world and claim land while staying on the hispaniola. Famous for creating the first stable settlement on the South American continent and and claimed and in what would be North America.
Juan Ponce de Leon Sailed for Spain 1514 Goals were to colonize Florida and find the fountain of youth, obtain wealth and fame and own Spanish land. Named Florida after finding it and "found" Fountain of Youth.
Ferdinand Magellan Sailed for Spain 1514 New trade route from Atlantic to Pacific and to find the Spice Island. Sailed around the world and proved earth was round.
Hernan Cortez Sailed for Spain 1506 Goals were to take over Cuba and Mexico. Famous for taking over the Aztec Empire and most of Mexico
Francisco Pizarro Sailed for Spain 1524 Goals were to obtain land and wealth from Spain. He is famous for conquering the Incan Empire and destroying everything in his path.
Jacques Cartier Sailed for France 1534 Goal was to search for Northwest Passage and obtaining gold and riches. Famous for traveling inland of North America and claiming Cananda.
Hernando de Soto Sailed for Spain 1532 Goals were conquer Florida and make a passage between Atlantic and Pacific. Famous for helping to conquer Peru and founded Mississippi
Francisco Coronado Sailed for Spain 1535 Wanted to find the 7 gold cities First European to discover the grand canyon, discovered Colorado and Arizona.
Sir Francis Drake Sailed for England 1577 Tried to find out if Tierral del Fuego was an island Second one to circumnavigate the world, and defeat Spanish armada
Samuel de Champlain Sailed for France 1603 Secure French fur trading and establish permanent french colonies. establish and govern the settlement of new france and the city quebec
Henry Hudson Sailed for England 1609 Goal was to find the Northwest Passage Famous for starting New Amsterdam and having a bay and river named after him.
Expedition journey or voyage taken by a group of people with a particular purpose
Circumnavigate Sail around the world
Cartography Making of maps
Navigator Someone who pilots the ship
Conquistador A spanish conquerer
Isthimus A thin piece of land connecting two large bodies of water (Panama)
Mutiny An open rebellion against authorities.
Northwest Passage When an explorer travels to North America and Canada through the short way.
Astrolabe A tool used for time by using the sun
Caravel Ship A small faster manuerable ship that Dias took.
Silk Road A trading route in Asia that goes from east to west
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