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Westward Expansion

Social Studies Westward Expansion CH. 3

Gold Rush sudden movement of many people to an area where gold has been found.
Reservation land set aside by the government for Native Americans.
Entrepreneur person who starts a new business, hoping to make a profit
Levi Straus Salesperson, clothing manufacturer who opened a dry goods store in San Francisco. He made sturdy work pants for miners.
Chief Joseph Nez Perce leader who became the chief in 1871. He lef his followers on a 1,600 mile journey to escape the US soldiers. He surrendered to soldiers in 1877.
Cattle Drive Method cowboys used to move large herds of cattle north from ranches in Texas to towns along the railroads in the late 1800s.
Homestead Act Law signed in 1862 offering free land to people willing to start new farms of the Great Plains.
Exodusters Name for African American pioneers who moved to the Great Plains after the Civil War
Homesteaders settlers who claimed land on the Great Plains under the Homestead Act.
Sodbuster Great Plains farmer of the late 1800s who had to cut through sod, or thick grass, before planting crops.
Pioneer early settler of a region.
Samuel Morse Inventor, teacher, and painter who established the first commercial telegraph in the 1840s.
Pony Express Service begun in 1860 that used a relay of riders on horses to deliver mail from Missouri to California in ten days.
Telegraph Device that sends messages through wires using electricity
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad that crosses a continent. The first transcontinental railroad in the US was completed in 1869.
Indian Removal Act Passed by Andrew Jackson in 1830 that forced Native Americans out of their land and onto Reservations.
Boomtown A town that grew as a result of miners rushing to the area to search for gold.
Ghost Town ________ is what a boomtown turns into after all of the miners leave.
Miners People who search for gold, silver, or other precious metals/gems.
Cowboys _______ guided huge herds of cattle. Earned $30 a month. 1/3 were Mexican American or African American. They were very young.
Steel Plow John Deere invented the _________ ________ to farm the thick soil of the Great Plains.
Barbed Wire Joseph Glidden invented _______ _______ in 1874 to stop animals away from his crops.
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