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SS Ch 3 - Artifacts

Matching Indian Artifact to the correct region and tribe (5th grade TCI textbook

Northwest Coast - Kwakiutls Waterproof Cedar Bark Coats and hats, made from the plentiful cedar trees of the Northwest. The coats and hats kept them warm and dry in the harsh cold and wet weather of the region
California-Intermountain - Pomos Made beads into jewelry from clamshells to use as money. The resource was abundant because they lived by the ocean and useful because they used it to buy things.
Southwest - Hopis Built apartment type buildings called Pueblos against and inside cliff walls out of stone and adobe. There were few trees to use for housing but stones and adobe clay were plenty and they needed shelter.
Plateau - Yakimas Built winter homes partially underground to escape the cold. They lined the roof with woven grass mats, and covered them with dirt to help keep the heat inside. This kept them warm in the harsh winters. Their resources were the ground, grass and dirt.
Great Plains - Sioux They built Tepee out of long poles and Buffalo hide that the women had sewn together. They wanted to use every part of the buffalo since it was sacred to them.
Eastern Woodlands -Algonquins They made turkey feather capes to keep them dry and warm from the many turkeys they killed for food.
Southeast - Seminoles There were many deer in the area for food and they made deer skin leggings to protect their legs from mosquitoes and sharp saw grass.
Created by: CrazyBam9011