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AP French Midterm

random vocab, mostly from Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu

Apercevoir catch a glimpse of, perceive
Appuyer to push on a button, to support
Brûler to burn
Échouer to fail
Éviter to avoid
Haïr to hate
Heurter to knock, bump into
Jaillir to burst out
Lutter to wrestle, battle
Oser to dare
Parvenir to reach a destination, to manage to do something
Reculer to move back
S'échapper to escape
Saisir to seize
Se précipiter to hurry
Soulager to relieve
Soupçonner to suspect
Tirer to pull
Trahir to betray
La douler pain
Un échec setback
Un orphelin orphan
Un sortilège spell
L'espoir hope
Une étincelle spark
La volonté will
Inlassable untiring, relentless
Abasourdi stunned
Auparavant beforehand
Un châtiment punishment
Une clé key
Narquois mocking, sneering
Bienveillant benevolent
Created by: supernovaness