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Ch. 3 Section 4

Important people, events and places

Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore He was from England. He wanted a place for Catholics to NOT be persecuted. He died, and his son gave large estates to English aristocrats. Establish first Catholic based colony.
Mason/Dixon Line Located between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Established the colonies' boundary and stopped the argument between the two colonies.
Act of Toleration Established in Maryland in 1649 and granted that Protestants and Catholics had the right of freedom of worship until 1692 when the Protestants controlled the assembly.
Nathaniel Bacon He was from western Virginia and led groups to attack Native Americans and Jamestown. He drove Berekley into exile, showed that the settlers were not limited to the coast, and England sent troops to restore order.
James Oglethorpe He received a charter from England and wanted to have a colony for a new start for debtors and poor people. Started Georgia in 1733. He gave it back to the king in 1751.
Louis Joliet & Jacques Marquette They were French and were the first to explore the Mississippi River. They realized that the river flowed south not west.
Rene-Robert Cavelier & Sieur de La Salle They were French and explored the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico, They claimed the area for France and named it Louisiana.
Junipero Serra He was a Franciscan Monk who support the rights of the Native Americans, so the Spanish soldiers wouldn't mistreat them. He started San Diego, Los Angeles, and Monterey missions.
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