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Chapter 16 Section 1

Where were the first shots in the Civil War fired? Fort Sumter
Who won the battle at Fort Sumter? The South
What did the North learn at Fort Sumter? It would not be easy to defeat the South
What group of states seceded from the Union? Most of the slave states
What was some advantages for the North? They had money, a network of canals, railroads and roads and a large population.
What was NOT an advantage of the South? battles on foreign soils
How did women take part in the war? served as nurses
What was Fort Sumter? Was a federal outpost in Charleston, South Carolina attacked by the confederate troops starting the civil war.
What were the border states? Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri ( slave states that did not secede)
What was Winfield Scott's two plan strategy? To gain control of the Mississippi River and to destroy the Souths economy with a naval blockade of southern ports.
What was the Cotton diplomacy? Great Britain idea that would support the Confederacy.
Who was the first woman to get her medical license? Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell.
What did farmers have an advantage with rifles? They knew how to make rifles and were not afraid of killing live things.
Created by: obrookins3