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Social Studies

Chapter 3

indentured servents signed an agreement to work for a master
new england colonies mass, rode isl, conn, new hamp
middle colonies ny, penn, nj, dela
southern colonies mary, virg, nc, sc, georg
cash crop tobacco, sugar, cotton raised in large quantities to sell for profit
assembly elected group of lawmakers
democratic ruled by the people, elected to carry out laws
charter formal document by the king that outlined the colonies
separtists puritan group that wanted to separate from english church and congregations
pilgrims traveled for religious reasons to build a perfect society
puritans people who wanted to purify the english church by simplifying its ceremonies and ranks of authority
mayflower compact signed by a group of separatists pilgrims on how they would govern themselves in the new world
john winthrop mass bay colony founder by rules of bible
roger williams rhode isl founder worship by any way they choose
slave trade capturing, transporting and selling people
thomas hooker conn founder based on free consent of the people
sir george carteret and lord john berkley cofounders of nj
william penn penn founder as a safe place for quakers
sir cecil calvert mary founder as a safe place for english catholics
james oglethrope georg founder where jailed english debtors could build a bette life
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