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Stack #1994416

define heritage one's background and culture
define missionaries people who's goal is to spread their religon
define adobe a tannish clay that is used as a building material
define associations a connection or cooperative link between people or organizations
define merchant somebody who is involved inn trade or commerce
define adequate satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity
define missions a building used to convert the Native Americans into Christians in order to keep the land
define presdio a fortified military settlement of the Spanish/Spain
define Rancho a collection of huts for herders that provided food for the settlements
What was the significance of Pineda? He was the first Spanish explorer to map the Texas coast
What was the significance of la Salle Was a French explorer, major threat to Spain
What was the significance of Cortes defeated Aztec empire
What was the significance of Cornado Saw the Grand Canyon-firs settlement in Texas
What made Spain and America neighbors the Louisiana purchase
What did
Created by: Margaret_Yu