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chap 6 s.s study gui

petroleum oily,flammable liquid used to produce oil
patent A document declaring an invention yours
business cycle Good and bad times in the American industry pace
trust a legal body created to hold stock in many companies of the same indstury
Bessemer steel process A way of making steel using less coal
gilded age It was a time meaning that even though their was rich society still caused problems
Centennial Exhibition An event celebrating Americas 100th year
Haymarket Affair A protest meeting that ended horribly
Standard time A system that divided the country into 4 time zones
Monopoly A company that wipes out it's competitors and controls that indstury
Thomas Edison He is the inventor of the lightbulb
Alexander Graham Belle The inventor of the telephone
Andrew carnrgie controller of the steel indstury
John D Rockefeller controller of the oil industry
Samuel Gompers Formed the AFL
robber baron A business leader who became wealthy through dishonest methods
Knights of labor loose federation workers from different trades
philanthropist People who gave large sums of money to charity's
AFL focused on improving working conditions by strikes boycotts and negations
Sweat shop places where workers worked for long hours for low wages
transcontinental railroad A railroad that spans an entire continent
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