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Chapter 3

People & Vocabulary

Balboa Set up a farm in Hispaniola; Hid on a ship and landed in Panama; Discovered the Isthmus of Panama.
Amerigo Vespucci Sailed south of Columbus (South America). Realized it was not Asia; Later named America in his honor.
Christopher Columbus Believed he could reach Asia by traveling west across the Atlantic Ocean. He found San Salvador.
Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand Funded Columbus' voyages. Wanted him to spread Catholic religion to Asia, find wealth and claim lands.
Marco Polo Wrote a book about his travels to Cathay. It encouraged other explorers to begin expeditions.
John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) Discovered present day Canada. Funded by King Henry VII
Ferdinand Magellan Found the Pacific Ocean. First crew to sail around the world.
Prince Henry of Portugal Created a school of navigation which made better maps.
Coronado Looked for the Seven Cities of Gold. Never found gold, but claimed southwestern U.S. for Spain.
Ponce de Leon Looked for the Fountain of Youth. Found Florida and claimed for Spain.
Hernando DeSoto Explored Southeastern U.S. First to see the Mississippi River.
Francisco Pizarro Took control of the Inca Empire. Forced them to accept Christianity.
Hernando Cortez Defeated the Aztecs and founded Tenochtitlan which became Mexico City and the center of the Spanish Empire.
Henry Hudson Claimed the Hudson River and the Hudson Bay and the areas around it for the Netherlands. He crew mutinied (rebelled) and Hudson was never seen again.
Martin Luther German priest that started the Reformation. Began the Protestant churches.
Jacque Cartier Searched for the Northwest Passage. Founded the St. Lawrence River and claimed it for France.
Giovanni de Verrazano Searched for the Northwest Passage. Landed in North Carolina.
Renaissance Rebirth
Expedition Trip taken with the goal of exploring.
Reconquista Movement in Spain to force Muslims to become Catholic.
Compass, Astrolabe, Map, and Chronometer Tools for navigation.
Counter Reformation Catholic Church's effort to keep power during the Reformation.
Northwest Passage belief that Asia could be reached more easily through or around North America.
Conquistadors Spanish explorers and soldiers that conquered lands.
Missionaries Religious Teachers
Navigation Tools for aiding sailors and travel
Isthmus Narrow strip of land connecting two larger lands.
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