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AA Synth and Cata

USCSOM: Amino Acid Synthesis and Catabolism

Most grains are relatively poor sources of what 2 AAs? tryptophan and lysine
What 4 AAs are synthesized from the glycolytic pathway? Ser, Gly, Cys, Ala
What 4 AAs come from alpha-ketoglutarate? Arg, Glu, Gln, Pro
What 2 AAs come from Oxaloacetate? Asp, Asn
What two substrates are required to form serine? glucose and Glu
What is required for glycine to form serine or NH4? FH4 - tetrahydrofolate
What intermediate is necessary to form CO2 and H20 from glycine? glyoxalate
Cysteine is derived from what two AAs? Serine and Methionine
Cysteine is derived from what immediate intermediate? Cystathionine
What is cysteine broken down into? Sulfate - excreted in the urine
What is FH4? tetrahydrofolate
What 5 AAs have 5Cs, are interrelated metabolically, and are associated with alpha-ketoglutarate? Glu, Gln, Pro, Arg, His
What enzymes catalyzes the addition and removal of Amide N of Gln? glutamine synthase
Describe the histidine degradation pathway His, urocanate, FIGLU, glutamate
What are transamination reaction related to TCA cycle intermediates? OxAC to Asp, alpha-k-Glu to Glu, Pyr to Ala
What types of products do the degredation of glucogenic AAs produce? pyruvate
What types of products do the degredation of ketogenic AAs produce? acetyl CoA
What AAs are known to form fumarate during their catabolism? Phe, Tyr, Asp
What is PKU? phenylketonuria
What enzyme is defective in phenlyketonuria? phenylalanine hydroxylase
What are the 4 known defects in Tyr metabolism? tyrosinemia I and II, alcaptonuria, neotnatal tyrosinemia
What are the 4 AAs that form succinyl CoA? Met, Thr, Val, Ile
Conversion of propionyl CoA to Succinyl CoA require what cofactors? biotin and vitamin B12
What is the intermediate between propionyl CoA to Succinyl CoA? methylmalonyl CoA
What is SAM? S-adenosyl Methionine
Describe the pathway from Met to Propionyl CoA. L-Met, SAM, SAH, L-Homocysteine, Cystathionine, alpha-ketobutyrate, Prop-CoA
What are the 2 fates of Thr catabolism Glycine and AcCoA
What is SAH? S-adenosyl Homocysteine
Elevated lvls of what AA intermediate are associated with heart disease? L-Homocysteine
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