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7Th Grade Ch 3-Tovar


Culture the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs
democracy power rests with the people of a nation
population density the average number of people living in a square mile
cultural diffusion spreading knowledge to other cultures
emigrate to move to another country
urbanization movement to cities
As nomads traveled, they continually kept watch for wells that provided water
The lives of nomads revolved around the seasons
1. increased rain washed away topsoil 2. storms destroyed crops before the harvest 3. harvests began to fail using the information, what even occured? famine
Which of these explains why civilizations often choose to engage in trade? Natural resources are unqually distributed around the world
Which BEST describes a communist system of government? Citizens share ownership of all businesses and resources.
Which form of government is MOST LIKELY an oligarchy? monarchy
Which BEST explains the form of government in the United States? Citizens vote for representatives who make important government decisions.
In a _______economy, economics decisions are handed down from generation to generation and often comes in the form of barterning. traditional
In the United States, we have Capitalism which is another name for a ___________(or free enterprise) economy. market
Which of the following choices is NOT a duty of each American citizen? voting
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility for American citizens? attending school
The __________promised to remove all barriers to trade among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
The United States has a __________ form of government. Representative Democracy
Name BOTH types of technology and discuss two ways in which technology makes the world seem smaller. 1. Communication technology 2. Transportation technology Two ways in which technology makes the world seem smaller: Communication technology links people around the world. Faster transportation makes it easy to travel long distances.
Created by: Tovarj



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