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1st Nine Weeks 2015

Test Review

19th Amendment Gave women the right to vote in 1919
The Western Front Trenches that stretched from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border with France
Fourteen Points Wilson's plan for lasting peace and cooperation
Alice Paul Suffragist who founded the National Women's Party
Lusitania English passenger ship that was sunk by a German U-boat
Reparations Payment for war damages
Progressives Wanted to reform things like: child labor, worker's rights and consumer safety
League of Nations A world organization formed after WWI to promote peaceful cooperation between countries
Clayton Antitrust Act 1914 law that outlawed monopolies
Casualty Killed, wounded, or missing soldier
Allied Powers Britain, France, and Russia
Temperance Movement Created by women who thought men were spending too much time and money on alcohol
Self-determination Right of people to choose their own form of government
Conscientious Objector A person whose moral and religious views forbid the participation in war
Initiative Right of citizens to present a new bill
Treaty of Versailles This redrew the map of Europe and broke up the Ottoman Empire
Referendum Process that allow citizens to approve or reject a law passed by a legislature
Selective Service Act Established a military draft in 1917
Franz (Francis) Ferdinand Archduke of Austria-Hungary who was assassinated in 1914
Henry Cabot Lodge Senator who opposed ratification of the Treaty of Versailles
Recall Process in which voters can remove elected officials from office before their terms end
Square Deal Teddy Roosevelt's plan for a fair and honest government to help working class people
Sedition Act A 1917 law that gave postal authorities the power to ban treasonable or seditious material from the mail
Jane Addams Established settlement houses in Chicago to help immigrants
Influenza Caused a deadly epidemic in 1918, causing 20- 50 million deaths
Weapons used for the first time during WWI Machine guns, artillery guns, poison gas, submarines, tanks, airplanes
Carrie Chapman Catt Head of NAWSA and used the political process to get women the right to vote
Jacob Riis Wrote How the Other Half Lives which exposed poor living conditions in the city
U-boat German submarine
W. H. Taft President after T. Roosevelt who failed to keep Roosevelt's Progressive policies in place
Zimmerman Note Telegram in which the German foreign minister proposed an alliance with Mexico against the U.S.
Warren G. Harding Became president in 1920 promising a return to normalcy
Ida Tarbell Muckraker who took on John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil
Convoy Group of ships that travel together for safety
General John Pershing General who led American Forces in Europe
Margaret Sanger Jailed for telling women about birth control
Central Powers Germany and Austria-Hungary
18th Amendment Banned the selling, making, and transportation of alcoholic beverages
The Great Migration Movement of 1.2 million African-Americans fro the South to the North
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Site of a tragic fire which killed 156 people (mostly women)and helped to improve workplace safety
Created by: meemaw6