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TRHS Phys Ed final

Timberlane phys ed midterm packet info

winner of the game has the most points man-to-man guarding your opponent all the time irons are numbered 1,3,5,7,9 how do you determine who goes first while playing horseshoes? flip a coi/horseshoe
high school has ___ minute quarters 8 fouls include _____ , _____, ___________, ______, _______,_____,,______ tripping, charging, hacking, pushing, hand checking the lower the number of iron, the ____ from the tee you would use it further stakes are placed __ feet apart for women 30
__ minute intermission 2 most golf courses are either _ or __ holes 9 18 do not ____ when others are hitting talk stakes are placed __ feet apart for men 40
birdie one under par bogie one over par bunker a sand trap divot a piece of grass taked from the ground during a swing
the shoe nearest the stake providing it is within 6 inches scores 1 pt a horseshoe leaning against the stake is called a leaner leaners are worth 2 pts a horseshoe that encircles the stake is called a ringer
ringers are worth 3 pts pieces of equipment used in archery bow, arrow, target, quiver, arm guard, finger tabs archery- how much is yellow, red, blue, black, and white worth? 9pts, 7pts, 5pts, 3pts, 1 pt if an arrow is on the edge of 2 colors you take the higher point value
the type of bow we use in class recurve bows pickle ball- always serve __ diagonally, start on the right switch sides after every ______ serve take turns serving for _ points 5
all serves in pickleball are underhand you are allowed _ bad serve(s) in pickleball 1 games in pickleball are played to __ point(s) 11 how many players on a soccer team? 11
positions in soccer forwards, mid fielders, fullbacks , goalie rules during a throwback two hands directly back over head, both feet on ground goal kick rules bal must be on the ground, on the corner of the penalty box throw in when the ball goes out over a sideline
goal kick when the ball goes over the end line, last touched by an offensive player corner kick, when the ball goes over the end line, last touched by a defensive player corner kick corner kick rules ball is placed on the corner of the field hand ball player touches the ball with any part of their arm, from the shoulder down
speedball is a combo of soccer, footballm and basketball you have _ seconds to get rid of the ball in speedball 3 you may not touch a speeball with your hands
Basketball originated in Springfield mass The game starts with a _____ at the center Jumpball one type of grip baseball how many point do you need to win in horseshoes? 21
how many players on a team? 5, 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center when taking a layup you are allowed __ steps 2 another type of grip overlapping name 10 pieces of golf equipment tees, shoes, golf baf, towel, ball marker, iron, wood, golf glove, golf balls, score card
field goal = how many points 2 points when you have the ball you may ____, ____, or ___ pass, shoot, or dribble another type of grip interlocking stroke every time you hit the ball
free throw 1 point zone- guarding in the key the 2 types of clubs wood, iron putting what you do on the green with a putter
when one dribbles, stops, and dribbles again double dribble an offensive player may not remain in the ___ for more then 3 seconds key irons are used for approaches to the green and for high shots par getting the ball into the hole with the reccomended strokes
Created by: xxxtarynxnicole
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