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Civil War

Why did Tennessee see more hardships during the Civil War than most other states? More battles took place in Tennessee than in any other southern state except Virginia.
What was the Anaconda Plan? It was the Union's plan to surround the South and capture the Confederate capital.
Why did Lincoln consider Tennessee to be the gateway to the Deep South? Tennessee had many railroad lines and rivers that would allow soldiers to move across the land easily.
What actions did the Confederates take to protect Tennessee's borders against Union invasion? The built forts along the border between Tennessee and Kentucky.
Why were the capture of Fort Donelson and Fort Henry important victories for the Union? They opened the way for Union troops to move into Tennessee and the rest of the South.
For what reason(s) did Lincoln work to abolish slavery during the war? He feared that Southerners would try to expand slavery across the country if the Confederacy won the war.
Why did the Battle of Gettysburg play an important role in the Civil War's outcome? It was a turning point in the war that allowed the North to slowly gain control on the South.
What was the purpose of the Gettysburg Address? It honored the soldiers who fought and died in the Battle of Gettysburg.
What were three challenges that southern civilians suffered during the war? 1. they could not receive goods and supplies they needed due to the blockades. 2. they began to go hungry as their towns and farmlands were destroyed. 3. they lost what little food they had to starving soldiers passing by.
What are three examples of how women played a major role in the war? 1. women found ways to keep their families and communities from starving. 2. women turned their homes into hospitals for wounded soldiers. 3. women brought food, clothing, and medical supplies to soldiers on the front.
What battle led to the end of the Civil War in Tennessee? The Battle of Nashville
Why is the Civil War still the deadliest war the United States ever fought? More people died in the the Civil War than all other American wars combined.
What was Reconstruction? Reconstruction was the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War.
What right did the 13th Amendment secure for African Americans? It secured their freedom from slavery.
Why was the Freedmen's Bureau created? The Bureau helped former slaves start a new life.
What problems did the sharecropping system create for former slaves? It forced them to remain in an endless cycle of debt.
Why did Congress oppose President Johnson's Reconstruction plan? Congress believed his plan did not follow the Reconstruction goals Lincoln had created.
Why did Congress send troops to take over leadership in the southern states? Some states in the South refused to ratify the 14th Amendment and allow blacks the right to vote.
Created by: melanieedwards