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english 9/24/15

english voc

precluded made impossible in advance
retribution payback punishment for a misdeed
accosted greeted especially in an aggressive way
afflicted suffering or sickened
explicit clearry stated
recoiling staggering back
termination end
subsided settled down became less active or intense
mood primary feeling
description painted words
placid calm
garish to bright
recounted told in detail narrated
sullen gloomy
furtively stealthily so as to avoid being heard
imperative urgent absolutely necessary
reconnaissance exploratory in nature as when observing to seek information
fretful irritable and discontented
palpable able to be touched or felt
indolently lazily idly
bizarre odd in appearance
naive unsophisticated
scruples misgivings about something one feels is wrong
blandly in a mild and soothing manner
grotesque having a strange bizarre design
futile hopeless
pallor paleness
wreathed curled around
writhing twisting
tumult noisy commotion
singular rare extraordinary
evail be of help
hoax deceitful trick
introspective causing one to look into ones own thoughts and feelings
vex annoy
conundrums puzzling questions or problems
astuteness shrewdness
formidable aweinspiring
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