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boston masacre date March 5, 1770 -
In December 1775 John Murray, and Lord Dunmore, last royal governor, issued a decree that any slave fighting for loyalists == British, would receive freedom. The regiment, called the Ethiopian Regiment, grew to almost a thousand males.
Battle of Yorktown - oct. 19, 1781 - Cornwallis — BRITISH general - French - Degrasse - Gen. Rachamtheau French Navy fought British Navy, - Cornwallis - surround by french navy, french troops, And american troops. The fighting war was over — Oct. 19th - 1781
George Roger Clark, on _________ captured frontier towns, got French settlers to join as volunteers, and laid siege to british garrison in Vincennes and British surrendered
The date of the stamp act March 22, 1765
Lexington and Concord battle date - shot heard around the world April 19th 1775
Battle of Saratoga date Oct. 17, 1777 - turning point of the Revolutionary war where gates beat the british by surrounding them. caused French to commit to american victory.
articles of confederation were ratified on ______ Articles of confederation — ratified in 1781
Treaty of Paris --- of the revolutionary war - 1783
George washington sworn on what date? in NYC. April 30, 1789
Bacon's Rebellion dates 1676 is when Bacon defied, 1677 royal commision made peace with indians after bacon royallly pissed off the indians.
The glorious revolution incited the 1690 toleration act, which allowed christians to worship freely, but no other religions.
year of tea act Tea Act 1773
Yearsof increasing royal control over the colonies 1763 - 1774
Charles Townshed Acts year 1767 - taxes on imports, glass, lead, paint, paper & tea
What date was the albany union? July 10 1754 - The Albany Plan of Union was a proposal to create a unified government for the Thirteen Colonies, suggested byBen f. then a senior leader (age 45) and a delegate from Pennsylvania, at the Albany Congress in July 10 1754 in Albany, New York.
Sugar act of ____ - lowered the tax. 1764 Cuts Sugar tax in half — by more consumption - better enforcement of the law, revenue will increase. with the cut. sugar and molases. — because there was smuggling.
Pilgrims separate from church _____ 1620
Pilgrims make their own colony in ______ 1630 - masschusetts
pequot war - years 1636 - 1637, these indians were destroyed by puritans
Treaty of hartford 1637
KING PHILIPS WAR - 1675 - 1676
Year of the walking purchase 1737 - walking purchase
______ was imporisoned for ten months and brought to trial in______. — The law said you could be punished for this. This emboldened people to criticize the government more freely. Zenger, 1735
Salem witch trials of year _____- 1691
After the revolution, ______ and ______ had very opposing ideas in regards to how the government should operate. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson
______ said we needs to make a national debt - and all the debts of the states — will be the national debt. Hamilton
Treaty of Alliance year 1778 Treaty of Alliance - France commits to assist America with the war effort.
Navigation Acts, what? and what year? n 1651, therefore, Parliament adopted the first in a series of Navigation Acts designed to increase the nation’s commercial revenues by restricting the economic freedom of its colonies in ways that would also take commerce away from their Dutch enemies.
Common Sense — what date published and what? and who? Thomas Paine - less than 100 pages. Janauary of 1776 - in the book paine lays out the case for American Indepence in play straightforward language. Attacks George III directly.
_____ makes it possible for people to talk openly about independence. - This causes people to contact members of government (state legislature pushing for independence). beacuse of _____ Thomas PAINE, common sense, 100 page book
The year the olive branch petition July 1775. We were still loyal - Americans - but Wanted King to act on our behalf to parliment.
Years of American Revolution American Revolution 1775 - 1783
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