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Colonial America

Ch. 3 8th grade review

What was the name of Jamestown legislative assembly? House of Burgesses
Where is the Pilgrims form a colony just north of? Plymouth
What was the name of the colony that disappeared? Roanoke
What is the name of one of the Pilgrim's ship? Mayflower
How did the Jamestown settlers make a profit? planted tobacco
What was the name of Protestants that wanted to leave the Anglican Church called? Separatist
Because their journey had a religious purpose, what did the Separatists call themselves? Pilgrims
Who showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn? Squanto
Who was the leader of Jamestown? Captain John Smith
What was the first written constitution in America called? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
What was another name for King Philip? Metacomet
What was carved on a gatepost at Roanoke? Croatoan
What were some of the hardships the colonists faced in America? cold weather, disease, malnutrition
Jamestown colony stockholders General Court
What were protestants that wanted to leave the Anglican Church and create their own church? Separatists
People that refused to use force or fight in wars pacifists
Religious settlements established in California by the Spanish Missions
Because their journey has a religious purpose, what were separatist called? Pilgrims
Where did Puritans form the Massachusetts Bay Company and receive a royal charter to establish a colony just to the north? Plymouth
Which law granted the right to worship freely in Maryland? Act of Toleration
Who claimed Newfoundland for Queen Elizabeth? Sir Humphrey Gilbert
What group maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans? The French
What was the last of the British Colonies to be established in America? Georgia
What did King James I grant groups of merchants to organize settlements in America? Charters
Who wrote the Pennsylvania's first constitution? William Penn
What document covered land divisions and social ranking? Carolina constitution
The English sent a fleet to attack and acquire what colony in 1664? Manhattan
What law protected Catholics from any attempt to make Maryland a Protestant colony? Act of Toleration
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