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Chapter 2

American Society in the Making

Headright System Created to attract new colonizers giving them 50 acres of unoccupied land to seat a claim and receive title to the property.
quitrent A small annual payment.
Indentured Servitude Poor people who wanted to get to America but could not pay for the voyage, they would have to agree to work for 5 years to pay of their loan for the voyage. Become free after and entitled to an “outfit”.
Squatters’ rights The privilege of buying the land from the legal owner without paying for the improvements the had made upon it.
Slavery Forced to work in plantations for no pay, rights taken away, forced labor(first black in Virginia 1619).
Peculiar institution Convince the whites that black slavery was not so much good as a fact of life.
Covenant or an agreement.
Nuclear Family A family group of the Father Mother and children.
Town Meeting Meeting of the town educated people to vote.
Triangular Trade Trade between three ports.
Royal African Company Controlled the trade of selling African blacks.
Bacon’s Rebellion Indians attacked nearby Plantat, farmers wanted to attack natives but the Gov Berkeley not stop them. Leader is Nathaniel Bacon army of 500 men. Marched on Jamestown,west to kill more Indians. Burned Jamestown September. When Bacon dies rebellion ends.
Half-Way Covenant Limited membership for any applicant not known to be a sinner who was willing to accept the provisions of the church covenant.
Dominion of New England King James II attempts to consolidate all of the New England colonies.
Glorious Revolution 1688 Parliament decided it had enough of the Catholic-learning Stuarts and sent James II packing. Replaced him with a more resolutely Protestant Dutchman, William of Orange and his wife, James daughter Mary.(no bloodshed).
Leisler’s Rebellion- In New York, in 1689, during the political vacuum following the abdication of King James II, Jacob Leisler, a disgruntled merchant and militia captain, seized control of the government.
Paxton Boys’ Uprising Triggered by eastern indifference to Indian attacks on the frontier.Scotch-IrishPaxton Boys’ marched to Philadelphia, several hundred strong. Benjamin Franklin stopped them by talking them out of it.
William Berkeley Royal Governor (green spring Faction) had ruled Virginia for more than 30 years
Eliza Lucas Eliza Lucas changed agriculture in colonial South Carolina, where she developed a new cash crop, indigo.
Factors Material, landscape encountered and calculation all shaped colonial social arrangements.
James Oglethorpe founded the Savannah, he was a complicated person but hardworking and idealistic. Prohibited Negro into Georgia to make sure everyone works hard.
Edmund Andros In 1684 Mass. Grant was annulled the colony and N of Penn became part of the DONE gov by Edmund. Andros ordered to make the N colonies behave change land grant system, abolished popular assemblies,provide the king with quitrents and enfoce rel tolerance.
Cotton Mather Was a Reverend, outlined the woman’s responsibilities clearly established her subordinate position.
Scotch-Irish Settlers of the tidewater parts of Carolinas turned to agriculture. Tobacco, Madagascar rice flourished, in 1740 another cash crop Indigo
Ben Franklin Created the first Newspaper The Boston Gazette.
John Peter Zenger An itinerant German printer, John Peter Zenger. Governor Cosby throws him in jail and persuades the jury to acquit Zenger.
Pennsylvania Dutch Pennsylvania Dutch
Created by: Max Stacks
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