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Ch.9: Politics

Socials 11

Fiscal being aware of money spending and keeping a balance budget
Democracy a form of government when people get to vote feely on who will govern them
Civil Servant people that work for the government
Pressure Groups interest groups that influence decisions and government policies
Lobbyist paid to influence decision makers
Bureaucrats government officials and administrators
Public Service government administration
Brand Recognition public awareness with a particular product, business or person (helps with gaining votes)
Civil Disobedience protesting against the governments actions/decisions (intentionally breaking the law)
Spin Doctors coaches candidates on what to say to help publicize candidates in a positive way
Ideology political beliefs
Direct Democracy citizens vote directly on every issue
Representative Democracy citizens elect a politician who makes the decisions for them
Socialism government controls important parts of the economy and major parts for the benefit of the entire society
Liberalism supports government involvement to maintain basic standard of living for all people
Consevatism supports traditional values and opposes change
Fascism government has complete power, overpowers opposition, often through force, and encourages nationalism and racism
Communism goods and services is owned by the public and labour work benefits the whole society
Totalitarian a form of government that uses intimidation, violence and propaganda to rule all of the social and political life of its citizens
Authoritarian a form of government in which a small group or one individual holds all the power and direct lives of the citizens
Libertarianism a political ideology that supports individual freedom and minimal government involvement
Party Platform a list of priorities and a plan for governing published by a political party
Populism a political movement that supports the interest of ordinary people
Proletariat the lowest class of people
Bourgeoisie the middle class of people
Patronage a favour given in return for political support
Polarize to go in opposite directions
Partisan loyal to a party
NDP socialism
Green Party green politics
Liberal Party liberalism
Bloc Quebecois quebec sovereignity
Conservative Party conservatism
Legislative Branch The Queen, the senate and the house of commons
Executive Branch The Queen The Prime Minister and the Cabinet
Judicial Branch Supreme Court of Canada
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