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Colonies Take Root

What was corn, beans, pumpkins or squash? One the main crops the Native Americans helped the colonists grow
What were the Slave Codes? Rules that denied African Americans their basic rights
Legislature Group of people who had the power to make up laws
Middle passage Africans were captured and taken to America to be sold into slavery. This was the name of their trip across the ocean into America
Massachusetts Set up the first schools
Ben Franklin Proved that Lightning was a form of electricity and he helped establish the USA
Puritans Group who wanted to reform the church but they didn't want to separate from the church
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut A plan of government that limited the governments power in their colony. Under this plan you did not have to be a male to vote
Slavery The colony of Carolina split into 2 different colonies, North and South Carolina, because they couldn't settle this issue
James Oglethorpe Established this colony so people wouldn't be jailed for their debts
Virginia Dare First baby born in the New World
charter a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company
John White found that the settlers disappeared without a trace
Roanoke land colonists landed on in 1565
Religious Prosecution mistreatment or punishment of certain people because of their beliefs
pilgrim a person who takes a religious journey
Squanto he brought seeds to the Pilgrims
Who believed all people were equal in the eyes of God? Quakers
What was the great wagon road? an old Iroquois trail
What was the Mason Dixon line? a line separating the middle and southern colonies
What was the Act of Toleration? it provided religious freedom for everyone except Jewish people
Who was Nathaniel Bacon? he organized a fight against the Native Americans and also burned down Jamestown
What was the colony named Georgia? James Oglethorpe established this colony so people would not be jailed for their debts
What was mercantilism? the belief that the main purpose of the colonies was to benefit the home country
What was the Triangular Trade Route? the name of the trade route between New England, West Africa & the West Indies
What is an import? trade items that are brought into America
What was a trial by jury? anyone accused of a crime was given this right before they were sent to jail
Who had an average 7-8 children? Puritan
What type of soil did New England have? rocky and poor
What was a town meeting? an assembly of people that decided on local issues
What was punishable by death? witchcraft
Who was brought from Africa to do all the work for free? slaves
What did Roger Williams think? the church and the State should be separate
What is a proprietary colony? when the king gives land to one or more of his people, and they in turn could rent out the land
What did New Amsterdam become known as? New York
Who founded the colony called Pennsylvania? William Penn
Where did Roger Williams escape from? Narragansett Bay
What land did Roger Williams buy from the Indians? Rhode Island
Who did King Charles give New Amsterdam to? the Duke of York
What is toleration? the belief that everybody had the right to practice their own religion in the colonies
Who was Anne Hutchinson? she had bible readings in her home in Rhode Island and she criticized the religious beliefs of the Puritans.
What was set up under the leadership of Winthrop and other Puritans to grant their own assembly to govern themselves? the General Court
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