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Section 2

TermQuestion and Answer
The Compromise of 1850 Henry Clay created it
4 parts of the Compromise of 1850 California is a free state Slave trade ends in washington DC Utah and New Mexico are decided by popular sovereignty Fugitive Slave act is passed
What are the concerns over the Fugitive Slave Act? Free people were illegally being forced into slavery and abolitionists did not want to return runaway slaves
What was decided about the Nebraska and Kansas Territory under the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Kansas and Nebraska would be decided by Popular sovereignty.
What happened in Kansas because of the Kansas Nebraska Act? Both anti slavery and pro slavery wanted to win the vote for slave or free. Both sides argued and violence soon broke out giving it the name bleeding kansas.
Harriet Beech Stowe Daughter of an abolitionist wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a fictional account of slavery, brought to light the emotional side of slavery and "humanized" slaves
Frederick Douglass A runaway slave wrote a book about his experience as a slave , gave powerful speeches against slavery
John Brown settler from Connecticut, led 7 men to a proslavery settlement and killed 5 men and boys (took extremes)
Propaganda False information used to spread information to support a cause
Uncle Tom's Cabin A book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe emphasizing the inhumanity of slavery
Stephen Douglas Senator, he proposed the Kansas Nebraska Act, and he wanted a railroad to be built from Illinois through the Nebraska territory to the Pacific Coast.
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