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Native Americans

The study of ancient people Archaeology
Things left behind during the past Artifacts
Approximately how long was the last Ice Age (not the movie) 88,000 Years
What was the land bridge called that connected Europe and Alaska Beringia
People who move from place to Place Normads
The movement of people over a long distance Migration
What were hunted by Northern native americans Big animals
What was a problem for northern native americans ? The large animals started to die
What was an early form of corn ? Maize
What is a way of estimating how old something is ? Carbon Dating
What is way of life called ? Culture
Highly developed societies Civilizations
Who lived along the Gulf of Mexico around 1500- 300 BC Olmec
What civilization lived in the Rainforest ? Maya
Some Mayan pyramids reached _____ feet 200
What were governmental and religious ceremonies preformed on ? Pyramids
Who had a lot of power in Mayan civilization? Priests
A society run by religious leaders Thoecracy
Who created the 365 day calendar The Mayans
What did the Mayans have to travel Roads
When did the Mayans start leaving 900 AD
Who lived on Lake Texcoco The Aztecs
What was the big Aztec city Tenochtitlan
In the ____ the Aztecs concurred most of the rival communities 1400's
What did the Aztec believe that kept the gods happy Human Sacrifice
Who were the Aztec concurred by The Spanishh
How big was the Inca Empire 3,000 miles
The Inca were built from War
How long could Inca men be in the army 5 years
What happened when Concurred territories rebelled against the Inca. They went into war
How many people (possibly) live under the Inca Rule 9 Million
The official Inca language Quechua
What helped the Inca keep tabs and records Quipus
What did the Hohokam depend on? Channels
Who lived near the 4 corners? Anasazi
Big stone dwelings Pueblos
One of the biggest pueblos Mesa Verde
What did some Native Americans make that looked like the Pyramids? Mounds
What group made mounds in the shape of Bears, Birds and snakes and also traded ? Hopewell
What city created by the Missipians had nearly 16,000 citizens ? Cahokia
What tribe do they believe were the last to cross the land bridge? Iniut
What did people of the west depend on ? The sea and forest
What groups hunted, fished, and gathered ? Nez Perce and Yakima
Why could nobody farm the Great Basin area ? The soil was to rocky
Which region did people live in mud brick houses ? Southwest
What southwestern groups were hunter gatherers ? Navajo and Apache
What did the Navajo live in ? Hogans
What region were the people nomadic and moved their teepees ? Great Plains
How did some of the Dakota and Comanche travel ? Horses
The Iroquois and Cherokees created Federations
The Onondaga ,Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida , and Cayuga formed The Iroquois
To have peace what was created ? The Iroquois League
Who chose the Clan Mother ? The Women of the Clan
Who chose the Council member of the Clan ? The Clan mother
What did the Creek grow ? Corn, Tobacco, and Squash
Which tribe lived the Mountains of Georgia and North Carolina ? Cherokee
Who changed the Native Americans ? The Europeans
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