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GA Studies 1st 9

8th Grade GA Studies 1st 9 Weeks

Who is Georgia's Governor? Nathan Deal
What state is to the South of Georgia? Florida
What is Georgia's state game bird? Quail
What is Georgia's largest physical region? Coastal Plain
What is the most scenic physical region in Georgia? Blue Ridge
What region mines coal? Appalachian Plateau
What region has the largest population? Piedmont
Which Georgia river means "River of the Painted Rock"? Chattahoochee
Which Georgia river separates Georgia and South Carolina? Savannah
Which group of states border Georgia? Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee
In which two hemispheres is Georgia located? Northern and Western
What is the largest piece of exposed granite in the world? Stone Mountain
What word refers to a salt water swamp? Marsh
What word refers to the wildlife of an area? Fauna
What word describes our climate in Georgia? Mild
Describe Georgia's Piedmont region. Heavily populated, rolling land, red clay
In which Georgia region is the Okeefenokee Swamp located? Coastal Plain
What is Georgia's most valuable mineral resource? Kaolin
What caused the first people to migrate to America? Ice Age
Which prehistoric group was known as the "Mound Builders"? Woodlands
Which prehistoric group was known as the "Old Stone Age"? Paleos
What Georgia author wrote as Uncle Remus? Joel Chandler Harris
When did Hernando de Soto come to Georgia? 1540
Name two inventions of the age of exploration period. Compass and Caravel
What is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi? Amicalola Falls
What is the Georgia state tree? Live Oak Tree
What is Georgia's state flower? Cherokee Rose
What is a nickname for Georgia? Peach State
What is Georgia's motto? Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
What is a scientist who studies artifacts to learn about earlier cultures? Anthropologist
Which prehistoric group migrated seasonally? Archaics
What was the last of the 13 colonies to be found? Georgia
Which prehistoric group used tattoos and jewelry? Mississippians
What was the first permanent English settlement in Georgia? Jamestown, Virginia
Which prehistoric group was the first to use fire and pottery? Archaics
What did Henrando de Soto's armies bring to the Native Americans? Horses, Diseases, and Death
What was the main artifact of the Paleos? Clovis Point
What was the first Spanish settlement in America? St. Augustine
What was the main artifact of the Archaics? Axe
Who was the first known European explorer to explore Georgia? Hernando de Soto
Which group invented the bow and arrow? Woodlands
Who made a big mistake thinking he was in India and calling the people Indians? Christopher Columbus
What country actually started the age of exploration? Portugal
What did Christopher Columbus NOT know about the Earth? That America existed and how big the world was
What was another name for the "Holy Wars"? Crusades
Who started a school of navigation? Prince Henry
What things did the Europeans want from the Far East (or Asia)? Silk, Spices, and Tea
What did Europeans hope to find to help them trade with Asia? An all water route to the East
What ocean is located on the East Coast of Georgia? Atlantic Ocean
Which state borders Georgia to the west? Alabama
Name three states that border Georgia to the north? South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee
What is the southern most region of Georgia called? Coastal Plain
What separates the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions of Georgia? Fall Line
What river has a history of flooding in Georgia? Flint
What is Georgia's smallest region? Appalachian Plateau
What does prehistoric mean? Before writing
Is Georgia to the East or West of Mississippi? East
What is the longest river in Georgia? Chattahoochee
What is the largest fresh water swamp in America? Okefenokee Swamp
Where is the Little White House? Warm Springs, Georgia
Where is Georgia's largest natural spring? Radium Springs in Albany, Georgia
Describe the Appalachian Plateau. Limestone caves, Waterfalls, and Rock formations
Describe Georgia's coastline (what is it made up of?). Islands, Streams, and Marshes
What does "Piedmont" mean? "Rolling hills"
Who was the first African American to play professional sports? Jackie Robinson (baseball)
Which prehistoric group used palisades (a protective wall) to protect their villages? Mississippians
What did Christopher Columbus die thinking? That he had never proven that the world was round
Did the Crusades, or Holy Wars, ever succeed in ever getting the Holy Land back? No
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