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social studies, 1-6

Texas history

monuments structures built to show respect for a past event
missions religious communities
presidio a Spanish military fort
responsibility being trustworthy, doing what you say you'll do
respect being considerate of others' feelings and beliefs, not hurting others or their property
fairness playing by the rules
patriotism love of country, working for the good of your country
courage bravery
tolerance accepting that others have different beliefs and opinions, respecting differences
vaqueros Spanish cowboys
quinceaƱera a Mexican tradition, a celebration that girls have when they turn 15
preserve to keep in its original state
segregation racial separation, or keeping African Americans separate from other people
allegiance to show loyalty
suffrage the right to vote
executive branch enforces the law
legislative branch makes the law
judicial branch made up of courts and judges
veto to refuse to sign a law
duty something that you must do, example, serving on a jury
jury a group of people who listen to evidence and decide on the outcome of a trial
responsibility something a person should do, example, voting
volunteer giving time to help when there is a need, examples, senior centers, schools or clean-up projects
petition an official request to the government signed by many citizens
unalienable rights rights that cannot be taken or given away
citizen a member of a nation, state, country or town
constitutional republic a form of government in which representatives get their authority from the people, serve for an established period of time and have sworn to uphold the United States Constitution
constitution written plan for the nation's government
culture the way of life of a group of people
amendment change
Bill of Rights first 10 amendments to the United States Consitution
ethnic groups people who can be grouped together by similar national origin and culture
prejudice a strong opinion formed without facts
discrimination the unequal treatment of people
neutral not supporting one side or another
political party an organized group of people who share similar ideas about how to run the government
scout a person who gathers clues about an enemy or location
retreat leave the battlefield and not fight
scrape a tricky situation or problem



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