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Social Studies Vocab

Vocab Quiz Preporaion For 8th Graders

Royal Colony A colony directly governed by the king.
Palisades Fences made of sharpened stakes.
French And Indian War The war took place in North America from 1754 to 1763 in which the French and Indians teamed up to fight the British for control of the Ohio river valley.
Proclamation Of 1763 A order issued by King George lll that moved Georgia's southern boundary to the St. Mary's river.
Tories And Loyalists Colonists who were loyal to the British Crown; also known as Loyalists.
Whigs And Patriots Political faction that opposed absolute rule.
Liberty Boys A group of Georgian's who opposed the stamp act; part of larger sons of Liberty.
Sugar Act Legislation passed by parliament in 1764 that imposed a tax on sugar and molasses imported from the west indies.
Stamp Act Legislation passed by parliament in 1765 that imposed a tax on newspapers, legal documents, and licenses.
Townshend Act A series of laws passed by parliament in 1767 that placed import taxes on tea, paper, glass, and coloring for paints.
Intolerable Acts Series of severe laws passed by the British parliament after the Boston Tea Party.
Quartering Act Legislation passed by the British parliament that required the colonists to house and feed British soldiers at their own expense.
Boycotts A protest in which people refuse to buy certain items until specific conditions are met.
Second Continental Congress A meeting of the colonists in 1775 to discuss the increasing tensions between the British crown and the colonists; eventually leads to the Declaration Of Independence.
Declaration Of Independence Document issued by the Second Continental by which the delegates stated their intention to be free of British Rule.
Treaty Of Paris 1783 The treaty signed in 1783 by Great Britain, France, and the U.S. that ended the American Revolution.
Articles Of Confederation The first constitution of the United States.; Ratified in 1781, it created a weak federal government and was eventually replaced.
Ratify To approve or make valid.
Siege A military action that occurs when forces try eventually to capture a fortified fort or town by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it.
Bicameral Having two branches or chambers.
Unicameral Having a single legislative chamber.
Independence Political or economic freedom.
Introduced self government with a bicameral legislature. Established the court of consciences. Divided Georgia into eight parishes. John Reynolds
Believed Georgia was the hottest place in the world. Offered large land grants, which increased population. Help the economy to flourish/grow. Henry Ellis
Believed larger plantations should be even bigger. Compared Savannahs defenses by building palisades around the city. Spent two years in hiding when the Revolutionary war began. James Wright
Created by: Superjak21



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