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13 Colonies

Early Exploration and Colonies Review

Wealthy investor who funded the colony of Roanoke Sir Walter Raliegh
Leader of the Roanoke Colony John White
State where Roanoke is located North Carolina
First English person born in the New World Virginia Dare
Jamestown is located in which Southern colony Virginia
Jamestown was founded in what year 1607
Took control of Jamestown in 1608 and instituted new rules such as "he who doesn't work, doesn't eat" John Smith
Introduced tobacco to Jamestown John Rolfe
Indian princess of thee Powhatan tribe who married John Rolfe Pocahontas
Main cash crop of the colonies Tobacco
System designed to provide labor for the Southern colonies by offering land to people who would pay passage for workers to the New World Headright System
Creator of Maryland colony Lord Baltimore
Maryland was designed as a haven for this religion Catholics
First representative government in the New World House of Burgesses
Colony founded by James Oglethorpe as a buffer zone between the English and Spanish colonies; initially inhabited by convicts/criminals Georgia
Leader of rebellion against Virginia governor William Berkeley to protest unfair tax policies and pro-Native American policies Francis Bacon
Religious separatists who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 Pilgrims
Ship used by the Pilgrims to reach New World Mayflower
Established a political society and guidelines for self-government for the Pilgrims of Plymouth Mayflower Compact
Native American who aided the Pilgrims by teaching them successful farming techniques Squanto
Founder of the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop
Town which tried and executed many of its members for being witches Salem Witch Trials
War between the settlers of New England and the Wampanoag Indians led by Chief Metacom King Phillip's War
Colonies known as the "breadbasket" of the 13 colonies Middle Colonies
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