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greek goverment

get better in social studies

city-state a city that hadits own laws its own army and its own money. the city also had its own form of goverment
monarchy loner ruler like King ,Queen or empirer who holds power in cuntrey or empier.
oligarchy one of several people that rules a cuntrey or empire together sharing power.
democracy in a democracy all citizins share in the ruling power
aristocrat a member of the most powerful class in ancient greek socity
citizen a member of a democracy, who has a certain rights and responsibalities
assembly a group of citizensin an antient greek democrocy with the power to pass laws
tyrant someone who took power illegally,
city state polis
indirect democracy when citizens for representative to govern on their behalf.
direct democracy all citizens meet to decide on laws.
Ionian Sea Sea to the west of Greece
Peninsula A piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides.
Acropolis A fortified hilltop in an ancient Greek city
Agora An open area in Greece where people met to sell things and gather for discussions
Hoplites heavily armed foot soldiers
Sparta A powerful Greek military polis that valued military training
Athens A democratic Greek polis that valued education and the arts.
helots Spartan slaves
Alexander the Great King of Macedonia who conquered Greece, Egypt, and Persia, he united the Greek city-states
Mediterranean Sea A large body of water bordered by Europe, Asia, and Africa
Aegean Sea What body of water lies to the east of the Greek mainland?
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