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ACTCM Herbs 1.1

Release Exterior Spicy Warm herbs

HerbLatinEnglish# FunctionsQualitiesEnters FunctionsDosageCautions/Notes
Ma Huang herba ephedra sinica ephedrum 3 Warm, spicy, slightly bitter LU, UB 1. Release ext, induce sweat; 2. Disseminates & facilitates lung qi, calms wheezing, stops cough; 3. Promotes urination, redeuces edema .5-3 qian high bp; night sweats
Gui zhi cinnamomi ramulus cinnamon twig 5 Warm, spicy, sweet HT, LU, UB 1. Release ext, assists yang; 2. warms & unblocks channels & collaterals; 3. adjusts ying & wei qi; 4. assists heart yang, unblocks yang qi in chest; 5. transforms mucous & thin fluids 1-3 qian excess menses/bleeding; excess sweating
zi su ye folium perilliae perilla leaf 4 Warm, spicy, aromatic LU, ST, SP 1. releases exterior & dispels cold; 2. Treats morning sickness; calms fetus; 3. promotes movement of qi & expands chest; 4. resolves seafood poisoning 1-3 qian
Zi su geng caulis perillae perilla stem 3 slightly warm, spicy, sweet LU, ST, SP 1. expands chest & benefits diaphragm; 2. Treats morning sickness; calms fetus; 3. eases brackston hick's contractions 1-3 qian (don't cook long)
jing jie herba schizonepetae schizonepeta stem or bud 3 slightly warm, spicy, Lu, LV 1. Release exterior & dispels wind; 2. Vents rashes & alleviates itching; 3. Stops bleeding 1-3 qian
Fang Feng Radix ledebouriella divaricatae sapochnikovia root; siler; ledebourilla root 4 Warm, spicy, sweet BL, LV, SP 1. Release exterior & dispels wind; 2. Expels wind damp & relieves pain; 3. Expels wind & relieves spasm; 4. Rebalances surfaces 1-3 qian
Qiang Huo Rhizoma & Radix notopterygii Notopterygium root 3 warm, spicy, bitter, aromatic UB, Kid 1. Release ext & disperses cold; 2. Unblocks painful obstruction & alleviates pain (esp in upper back & limbs); 3. Guides qi to tai yang & du vessels 1-3 qian Do not use with blood deficiency
Bai Zhi Radix angelica dahuricae angelica root 3 spicy, warm ST, SP, LU 1. Unblocks nasal passages, expels wind, eliminates damp, elleviates pain; 2. Reduces swelling, expels pus; 3. Expels damp & alleviates discharge (leukorrhea) 1-3 qian great herb for pain from sinus congestion
Gao Ben Rhizome & Radix ligustica Chinese lovage root, ligusticum root 2 spicy, warm UB, Du 1. Discharges external conditions & disperses cold (espcially lodged in channel / in head) ; 2. Dispels wind, overcomes damp, alleviates pain 1-3 qian Do not use for migraines! Guiding herb to head.
Xi xin Herba dum radice asaria wild chinese ginger / asarum 4 spicy, warm Kid, Ht, LU 1. Disperse cold & release ext; 2. Dispels wind/cold & relieves pain; 3. Warms lung & transforms thin mucous; 4. Unblocking & facilitating orifices 1/3-1 qian Good for problematic sinus infections with pain/ lingering ear infections / put in navel for cold sores
Cong Bai Alli fistulosi bulbus scallion 3 spicy, warm LU, ST 1. Release ext & promotes sweating; 2. Dispels cold & unblocks yang; 3. resolves toxins & disperses clumps 1-3 qian None
Sheng jiang Rhizoma zingiberia officinales recens fresh ginger rhizome 4 spicy, slightly warm LU, ST, SP 1. Release ext & disperses cold; 2. warms middle jao & alleviates vomiting; 3. warms lung, dries excess clear fluid, stops cough; 4. resolves toxicity (OD of herbs) 1-3 qian/2-5 slices None
Xiang ru herba moslae mosla/aromatic madder 2 Spicy, slightly warm, aromatic LU, ST 1. Induce sweating & release exterior - treat summer heat; 2. promotes urination & reduces swelling 1-3 qian None
Xin yi hua Flos magnoliae magnolia flower 1 spicy, warm LU, ST 1. expels wind cold & unblocks nasal passages (opens them) 1-3 qian not very good for chronic sinus/nasal congestionb/c its very drying
cang er zi fructus xanthii xanthum fruit/cockleberry fruit 2 warm, sweet, bitter, toxic LU 1. Disperses wind & damp & opens nasal passages & sinus; 2. Disperses wind damp (bi) 1-3 qian classically not taken with fatty foods; very important herb; acts by shrinking/astringing mucous lining in passages
Created by: LAC2b