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Geography chapter 2

7th grade geography

The study of where people, places and things are located, and how they are related? geography
Center of the earth, mostly made of iron and nickle? core
The thick rocky layer of the earth (1800 miles thick)? mantle
The rocky surface layer of the earth (5-22 miles thick)? Crust
Seven large landmasses of earth? continents
The theory that the earth's outer shell is not solid rock, but broken into a number of moving plates? Plate tectonic theory
The theory proposed by Alfred Wegner that there was once a huge "supercontinent" called Pangaea? Continental drift theory
Circle of volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean (Japan to Hawaii)? And cool Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire
The breakdown of rock at or near the surface of the earth? weathering
The type of weathering where the rock is weakened or broken physically? Mechanical weathering
Type of weathering that alters a rock's chemical makeup? Chemical weathering
Chemicals in the polluted air combine with water vapor and falls back to earth? acid rain
Huge slow-moving sheets of ice? glaciers
List a way the the Earth is dependent on the sun light, heat and energy
Name the 5 themes of geography. Location, place, movement, HE-I, and regions
Name the 3 layers of the earth. Crust, mantle and core
Name a process that changes the surface of the earth. Floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes.
Most physical features of the earth were created by (external or internal) forces? Internal features
What land form is usually created when two tectonic plates collide? mountains
What part of the Earth's crust is thickest? Thinnest? below Mountains and below oceans
Estimated age of the earth? 4.5 billion years
Large fault found in southwestern U.S.? San Andreas fault
How long does it take for the Earth to complete one rotation? 24 hours
Give an example of an internal force creating a landform on the surface of the earth. Shifting of the earth's crust/volcanoes
Most changes that happen to the earth's surface happen very quickly over a short period of time. True/false False
More than _____% of the earth's surface is covered by water, and includes ___ continents. 71%, and 7 continents
Name two common landforms found on the earth's surface. Mountains, plateaus, canyons, deserts...
______ are formed at the weakened parts of the earth's crust where the pressure is great? Volcanoes
List an example of chemical weathering. Acid rain or carbonic acid
How long does it take for the Earth to complete one revolution? 365.25 days
Name the 3 most common agents of erosion. Wind, water and glaciers
The largest canyons and deepest valley's were created by what type of erosion? Water
The circular movement of heat below the earth's surface that is responsible for the movement of tectonic plates? convection
Why are earthquakes uncommon in Iowa? Not on edge of tectonic plate
If it is Summer time in Europe, what season is it in North America? Summer
List 3 factors that influence an areas climate. Latitude, elevation, landforms and currents
What two things are used to describe an area's climate? temperature and precipitation
What is the significance of the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn? Two places on Earth that receive the most direct sunlight.
List the four systems of Earth. (H, A, B, and L) Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere
List 3 examples of things that have led to recent climate change. Cutting down/clearing forests, large cities and Pollution (CO2)
The Earth's crust is broken into ____ plates? 16
Give me a fact about the "Ring of Fire". row of volcanoes, located in Pacific Ocean, 24,000 miles long
Give me 2 examples of internal forces that shape the Earth. Tectonic plates and earthquakes
Give me 2 examples of external forces that shape the Earth. weathering, erosion, and human actions
3 agents of erosion. Wind, water, and glaciers (ice)
People have changed the environment of Earth faster in the past 50 years than at any time in history. True
The demand for _________ and _______ are two main reasons for this rapid change to our Earth by humans. food and natural resources.
If it is winter in Norther America, what season would it be in Australia? Summer
Gas that many people are blaming for the rising temperatures on earth known as "global warming"? CO2
The burning of what types of fuels do many believe is changing our climate? fossil fuels
Give me 3 common examples of fossil fuels. Coal, oil and natural gas
There are _____ oceans. 5
World's largest island? (hint...not actually this color) Greenland
Give me a fact about the "Ring of Fire". 24,000 miles long, Pacific Ocean, most islands in Pacific were/are created by it...
Giant wave caused by a volcanic eruption in the ocean. Tsunami
The country of _________ is an isthmus that connects North and South America? Panama
A couple of ways that water is important in people's lives? drink, wash, producing food, travel/transportation...
Created by: dwinterrowd
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