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Middle Colonies

History Middle Colonies Study Stack

What are the Middle Colonies? New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
Who was New York originally settled by? The Dutch traders
Why was New York settled? England wanted to land between the New England Colonies and Virginia
Who was New York founded by? Duke of York (King Charles II's brother)
What kind of colony was New York? (what is that colony?) Proprietary colony (settlers had to rent or by land from the owners)
What kind of religion could New York have? They had freedom of religion
Which colony was originally part of New York? New Jersey
What was New York originally called? New Netherlands
Who found Pennsylvania? William Penn
How did William Penn get Pennsylvania? King Charles was in debt to his father
Who was a quaker and what colony did he belong to? William Penn and Pennsylvania
Which colony was originally part of Pennsylvania? Delaware
How were the Quakers able to worships in Pennsylvania? Freely
Who designed the city of Philadelphia? William Penn
Who wrote Pennsylvania's constitution? William Penn
Which religious colony leader wanted to conduct a "Holy Experiment"? William Penn
Which colony demanded that Indians be paid for their land? Pennsylvania
What kind of government did Pennsylvania have? Representative government
What colony founder was a quaker? William Penn
Who found New Jersey? Sir George Carteret, Lord John Berkeley
The Proprietors of New Jersey promised what? Freedom of religion Representative Government Large tracts of land
What kind of colony was New Jersey? Royal Colony
What is a royal colony? A type of colony what a governor was appointed by the king
Who was Delaware founded by? William Penn
What kind of colony was Delaware? Independent colony?
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