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Indicator 2.2

U.S. History

Why did John Quincy Adams and President Monroe create the Monroe doctrine in 1823? European powers wanted to reclaim their former colonies in Latin America and Russia was establishing trading posts in California.
list the principles of the Monroe doctrine. Warned all outside powers not to create new colonies, warned all outside powers not to overthrow the newly independent republics, the United States would not involve itself in European affairs or interfere with existing colonies in the Western Hemisphere.
Was the Monroe Doctrine successful or not? The Monroe Doctrine meant little in 1823. The Americans lacked the Army & Navy to enforce it. The doctrine to reflect the Nations desire for power.
Define Manifest Destiny. The belief the U.S. Destiny was to expand to the Pacific Ocean and into Mexican territory.
For what purpose did the Mexican government want Americans to move to Mexico? To prevent border violations by horse thieves and to protect the territory from Native Ameeicsn attacks.
Explain the terms U.S. citizens agreed to in order to receive land from the Mexican government. U.S. citizens agreed to obey Mexican laws including no slavery and observe the official religion of Roman Catholics. It was hoped that the U.S. citizens would become Mexican citizens and pay taxes.
For what reasons do you think the Texans did not honor their agreement with Mexico? Did not want to change their religion, did not want to give up their slaves, did not feel loyalty to Mexico.
What agreement did Santa Anna make when he signed the treaty to end the war with Texas? Recognized Texas independence, conceded generous boundaries that stretched the new republic Soutn and West to Rio Grande.
Why was the annexation of Texas the the United States so controversial? Northern pacifists did not want Texas added as a slave state and did not want war with Mexico.
What compromises did the United States and Britain reach regarding the Oregon territory? Instead of going to war the two countries agreed to split the Oregon territory at 49th parallel.
In 1846 Mexico went to war with the U.S. What incident started the hostilities between Mexico and the U.S.? Was the incident intentional? There was a dispute between the U.S. And Mexico on where the border between the countries was. U.S. President Polk placed military forces by the river. The Mexican government thought we had invaded their country and attacked the U.S.
Describe how the U.S. gained the Louisiana Territory? Jefferson obtained a vast territory extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The Louisiana Territory nearly doubled the size of the U.S. It cost 15 million.
Explain why Jefferson questioned the buying of the Louisiana Territory? Jefferson doubted whether the constitution gave the power to acquire new territory.
What economic policies did Henry Clay support in his American System? Clay and his supporters wanted the federal government to build new roads and canals .
How did roads like the National Road, canals like the Erie Canal and railroads affect the way that people in different states interacted? People in different states were more connected and unified. Improved travel allowed Americans access to siste t farms and markets which increased trade among states.
Industrial Revolution Shift from manual labor to mechanized work that began in abreast Britain during the 1700's and spread to the U.S. around the 1800's.
Factory System Manufacturing method for a standarized product or products in which fixed capital, raw material,and labor operations and centralized and sophisticated machinery is often used.
Mass Productiom Production of goods in large numbers through the use of machinery and assembly lines.
Interchangeable Parts Identical components that can be used in place of one another.
What factors contributed to industrialization in the Northeast? Greater access to the money needed to build factories. The Northeast had cheaper labor and swiftly flowing rivers.
Now did industrialization in the Norrh change the experiences of working people? Gave the less skilled more opportunities.
How did the invention of the cotton gin affect cotton production in the South? Explain the impact growth of cotton had on the system of slavery. The cotton gin increased and it took less people. Only problem were the seeds in the cotton. To grow more cotton more slaves were needed to work the fields.
What were the economic consequences of the cotton boom? Limited regional development, most of the South became to be dependent on one cash crop. Plantations dispersed the population, the south lost out on urban growth needed for an industrial economy. Did not attract immigrants.
Trail Of Tears The Cherokee people were forced on a 800 mile journey to their new lands. Some by steam boat or railroad but most was made on foot.
Explain the reasoning behind John C. Calhoun's and the South's hatred of protective tariff's during the early 1800's. The high tariff on manufactured goods reduced Brittish exports to the U.S. Which limits competition with Northern manufactured good. However, it forces the south to buy more expensive northern manufactured goods.a
Why did President Jackson reject S.C.'s nullification of the tariffs? Why would an act of nullification have weakened the country? Although he supported states rights and wanted a lower tariffs. Jackson. Believed that nullifying a federal law was a form of treason. It would have weakened federal law.
Explain how President Jackson and John C. Calhoun solved the tariff nullification incident. Congress passed a force bill, which gave the president authority to use troops to enforce federal law in S.C.
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