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cival war vocab s.s.

the idea that the people are the key source of a governments authority; right of people in a territory or state to vote directly on issues rather than have their elected representative decision popular severity
to withdraw from membership in a group secede
runaway fugitive
necessary for life; of great importance; spirited; lively vital
turning point or deciding event; situation involving great risk crisis
supply of something to meet a particular need resource
warship covered with protective iron plates ironclad
to bring back to normal state; to put back; to reestablish restore
to keep going; to support as just sustain
to go beyond what is expected; to outdo or be greater than what was planned exceed
to set free emancipate
to impose a tax by law; to enforce levy
money used to make purchase currency
system of required military service draft
the right not to be held in prison without first being charged for a crime; constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment habeas corpus
tax on the money people earn income tax
general rise in prices inflation
battle or fight encounter
military blockage or bombardment of an enemy town or prison in order to force it to surrender. siege
all out attacks aimed at destroyed not only an enemy's army but also it's resources, and it's people's will try to fight total war
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