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Colonial Regions

Sourthern Colony based on? Farming
New England Colony based around? Manufacturing/ Fishing, shipbuilding, and trade
Middle Colonies based on? Both Farming and Manufacturing
What type of staple crops did they grow? Barley, Wheat, and oats
Geography Features Southern Colonies? -James River -Marshes -Forest -Ocean - Good, fertile soil for farming Access to water
Geography Features England Colonies? Forest surrounded their colony. Their was rocky soil The Atlantic Ocean was right next to their colony. Coastal Area( Boston Harbor) Freezing Winters Short growing seasons
Geography Features Middle Colonies? Rich soil Good climate Rich land Located between New England and Southern colonie
Southern Geography Advantages -The forest gave them a myriad supply of wood to make houses and to make fuel. The water provided the colonists with fish. Soil provided growing of cash crops
Southern Geography Disadvantages Farming land required a lot of labor (slaves)
Economy Points Southern -Exported materials like wood and tar, for building ships. -They traded with the Indians for deerskins -Tobacco, rice, and indigo were cash crops.
Southern Industry Argriculture
Southern Labor Source Slaves gradually replaced indentured servants
Education Southern Lived on scattered farms Kids were mostly taught at home by parent or private tutors. Girls did not attend school. Were Famers
Equality/ Rights Southern Life was hard in Virginia, death rate was high Slaves and indentured servants fewest rights Men who owned property have most rights
Religion Southern The Toleration Act of 1649 was a law that said that you were not allowed to restrict religious rights of Christians. Conflict between Catholics and Protestants.
England Geography Advantages They had a myriad of trees surrounding them which provided the with timber. The streams provided them with fish and trade.
England Geography disadvantages The rocky soil made it hard to grow crops Since the growing seasons were very short they had to work really hard to produce crops. The winters were very long which made it really hard to grow crops. Preventing them from producing cash crops
England Economy Manufacturing was their most important role. Fishing, trade, and shipbuilders economy was built around
England Industry Sold ships Shipbuilding Manufacturing
England Labor Few slaves because few farms indentured servants apprentices worked in crafts
Education England Was centered around religious beliefs. They made town schools in communities Religious values were taught in school. Many girls could read or write, but could not attend school.
Equality/Rights England Only male church members could vote. Women had limited rights Men who owned property had the most rights Strict religious views impacted people’s rights
Religion England Religion and politics were very closely linked. Male church members were the only ones that could vote.
Advantage Middle Soil provided for growing staple crops(crops like wheat, barley, and oats were always needed) Geography made easy access to trade by land
Disadvantage Middle Was not fertile enough for a farming based economy All colonies in the region did not have direct access to ocean- this could limit trade by sea
Economy Middle They farmed and were big in manufacturing. Women ran farms and businesses like bakeries, drugstores, and grocery stores. Trade Some farming- staple crops such as wheat, barley, and oats. Skilled craftsman, blacksmiths, and carpentry.
Industries Middle Skilled craft trade
Labor Source Middle More indentured servants than slaves Some slaves worked in cities as skilled laborers; others worked on farms and on ships Women contributed to the economy
Education Middle Schools were built around religion Most schools were private Boys often went to college Only Quaker girls could attend school
Equality/ Right Middle Men who owned property, most rights Slaves/indentured servants had few rights Women did not have much economic freedom
Religion Middle Quakers believed in equality of men and women.They supported non-violence and religious tolerance for all people. Region was most tolerant of religious differences
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