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SS G7 CH 3

Bohnenburger, South Carolina History

Boycott A form of protest or punishment where one party refuses to buy goods from another
Duty A government tax on specific products, often imported
Effigy A life-size dummy, representing a hated person or group, that is publicly destroyed as a form of protest
Escalate To increase or build up rapidly
Oppressive Unfair and harsh treatment, usually of a minority population
Repeal To cancel or take back an order or law
Salutary Neglect Disregard by a government or authority that has a beneficial effect
Smuggle To import or export goods secretly and in violation of law
Writ An official order issued by the government
Abstain To refrain from voting
Alliance A partnership between or among nations for a common goal, often in a conflict
Arsenal A government storage facility for weapons and ammunition
Casualty A soldier or civilian who has been either killed or wounded in military action
Morale The enthusiasm and confidence of a group, especially a fighting force
Nuetrality A position on neither side of a conflict or war
Opposition A position taken against a group, policy, or government
Partisan Warfare A strategy that relies on hit-and-run tactics rather than meeting the enemy head on
Siege A military blockade combined with the relentless attack on a city or fort
Stalemate A point in conflict in which both or all sides cannot win but will not retreat
Anarchy The absence of a central government or authority
Commerce The large-scale buying and selling of goods, such as between states or countries
Confederation A partnership among countries or states in which authority over all is loosely shared
Constitution A document containing the fundamental political purposes on which a state or nation is governed
Credit The ability to obtain loans from individuals, businesses, or other countries based on trust that repayment will be made
Democracy A government controlled by the people, sometimes through elected representatives
Federalism A system of government that finely balances power between a central authority and smaller component governments
Proportional Representation A type of representation where the number of Representatives from a state or territory depends on its population
Ratify To formally approve a treaty, agreement, or law in order to make it valid
Created by: Wolf Boy
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