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Fisher US Review 9

US History Regents Review Packet 9

Richard Nixon President 1968-1974, resigned to avoid charges of obstruction of justice and abuse of power over Watergate Scandal
Watergate Scandal Committee to Reelect Nixon caught wiretapping Democratic Party Headquarters, House of Reps planned to impeach Nixon
Space Program Government program responsible for putting astronaut Neil Armstrong on the moon
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration ensures safe, healthy working conditions
EPA Environmental Protection Agency combats pollution and protects environment
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks between US and Soviet Union, each agreeing to limit number of nuclear weapons in arsenal
Impeachment Process of bringing charges against an official for unlawful activity. House of Reps impeaches, Senate holds trial
War Powers Act 1973 President has 48 hours to tell Congress if troops are sent into combat. If not approved, troops must return in less than 60 days
Gerald Ford 1974-1976 Only president not elected. Chosen by Nixon to be VP after Agnew resigns, became President after Nixon resigns
Oil embargo Refusal by OPEC to sell oil to the US, resulting in higher fuel prices and inflation
Jimmy Carter President 1977-1984, held Camp David Accords between leaders of Israel and Egypt, promoting peace in Middle East
Camp David Accords 1978 meeting hosted by Jimmy Carter between Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 American embassy in Iran seized by Islamic terrorists, US citizens held hostage for 444 days
Ronald Reagan President 1980-1987, known for Reagonomics; cutting taxes while increasing spending resulting in inflation.
Iran-Contra Affair 1986 secret deal between CIA and Contra rebels in Nicaragua, Reagan cleared by Congress for having no knowledge of deal
George Bush 1988-1992 Cold War ends, Persian Gulf War begins
Persian Gulf War 1991 US and UN forces battle Saddam Hussein in Iraq to protect Middle Eastern allies
Operation Desert Shield 1990 military operation to protect Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein
Operation Desert Storm 1991 military air assault by US and its allies against Saddam Hussein
Bill Clinton 1992-2000 Improved US economy, impeached for charges related to affair with Monica Lewinsky but acquitted by Senate
George W Bush 2000-2008 Lost popular vote to Al Gore but won electoral college vote
9/11 Terrorist attacks ordered by Osama bin Laden against US targets, Bush declares war on terrorism
Weapons of Mass Destruction Nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons capable of killing massive numbers of people
Patriot Act Anti-terrorism law passed after 9/11 giving government broad permission to intercept and obstruct terrorism
Department of Homeland Security Cabinet department created after 9/11 to strengthen US security and keep nation safe from attacks
Barack Obama 2009-2016 first black president, Osama bin Laden, responsible for 9/11 attacks found and killed, universal health care passed
Obamacare Nickname given to president Obama's program for universal health care for all citizens
Tea Party Conservative political movement began in 2009 to support reduced federal spending, strong role in Republican party
Created by: fisher_lisa