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Fisher US Review 8

US History Regents Review Packet 8

Bay of Pigs Invasion Unsuccessful attempt by the US to train Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro and communist regime in Cuba
Fidel Castro Communist dictator of Cuba who allied with the Soviet Union in exchange for financial and military support
Good Neighbor Policy 1933 foreign policy action that promised less interference in Latin America, improving US relations with Latin America
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 Fidel Castro allows Soviet Union to build missile silos in Cuba, leading US and Soviet Union to the brink of war
Naval Quarantine Using ships to block access to a nation. Action taken by Kennedy to stop Soviet ships from bringing missiles to Cuba
Nikita Kruschev Communist dictator of Soviet Union during Bay of Pigs Invasion and Cuban Missile Crisis
Peace Corps Organization established by Kennedy to send volunteers to developing nations to help with education, health care, etc
Fall of the Berlin Wall Symbolic end of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, representing an end to communism in Eastern Europe
Chief Justice Earl Warren Supreme Court Justice 1953-1969, advanced civil liberties in cases such as Brown v Board of Ed and Miranda v Arizona
Mapp v Ohio 1960 Supreme Court decision stating that illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in trial
Gideon v Wainright 1963 Supreme Court decision that a lawyer will be provided for free if a suspect cannot afford one
Escobedo v Illinois 1964 Supreme Court decision stating that a suspect must be allowed to have a lawyer present during questioning
Miranda v Arizona 1966 Supreme Court decision that a suspect must be told of their rights before being questioned
Martin Luther King, Jr Civil rights advocate who supported civil disobedience as a way to protest segregation and injustice towards blacks
Malcolm X Civil rights leader who opposed integration and encouraged black nationalism, a separate identity and racial unity for blacks
Rosa Parks Arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Montgomery Bus Boycott Mass refusal by blacks and whites to ride segregated buses in Montgomery, Alabama, an effort to promote integration
Voting Rights Act 1965 law banning literacy tests as a requirement for voter registration
Lyndon Johnson President after JFK was assassinated, signed Voting Rights Act, promoted and end to poverty with Great Society program
Great Society Lyndon Johnson's program to end poverty in the US
Economic Opportunity Act 1964 law passed to combat causes of poverty including illiteracy, unemployment, and inadequate public services
Medicare Provides medical insurance to elderly and disabled
Medicaid Provides medical insurance to low income people
Housing and Urban Development Provides low income housing to those living in poverty
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Banned different voter registration standards for blacks and whites and discrimination in public places and the workplace
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Federal organization created to investigate charges of discrimination
NAACP National Association created to protect civil rights and advance equality and opportunity for blacks
CORE Congress of Racial Equality, used peaceful protest to fight segregation and carried out the Freedom Rides
Freedom Rides Black and white passengers riding buses together to protest segregation in the South
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference founded by Martin Luther King, Jr and other black clergy to protest segregation
SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, student group seeking radical change and an immediate end to segregation
Black Panthers Founded 1966, had violent encounters with police, opposed integration and encouraged separate black communities
Equal Opportunity Act 1964 law requiring equal pay for equal work for women
Title IX Act 1972 law banning schools from excluding women from any educational program or activity
Roe v Wade 1973 Supreme Court decision that abortion is legal based on Constitutional right to privacy
Cesar Chavez Founder of United Farm Workers union, used non violence to promote better wages and working conditions for farm workers
United Farm Workers Union Organization founded by Cesar Chavez to promote better wages and working conditions for farm workers
Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 law prohibiting discrimination against disabled persons
Created by: fisher_lisa