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Crossing Continents

Chapter 3

Union Pacific Railroad Company began building railroad in the east; Irish immigrants worked for this company helping to build the railroad; had to build across the plains
Central Pacific Railroad Company began building railroad in the west (started in California); mainly Chinese immigrants working to build railroad
Homestead Act gov. offered land (for very little money) to settlers, they had to work the land and settle in the west. This helped encourage people to settle in the west.
Cattle Drives ranchers herded cattle from the west to the east and north to make $$$$$! They could sell the cattle for more $ in the east and the north because cattle was scarce there. This ended in the late 1800's
Battle of Little Bighorn Lakota indians fought against american armies. Indians won-----but the gov. army grew stronger and forced indians into reservations. Custer's last Sand (he was killed in the battle)
Effects Of The Transcontinental Railroad *increased pop. in west *easier to travel from east to west *destroyed land and habitats in these areas *conflicts with native americans *increased trade, more business in west *decreased buffalo pop.
Challenges For The Chinese Immigrants Working To Build The Railroad ***Challenges for the Chinese immigrants working to build the railroad *dangerous work conditions (weather, dynamite, etc.) *very poor pay *food water shortages *discrimination/ prejudice *hard work
Inventions That Helped Settlers On The Great Plains In The West Steel plows-helped farmers farm crops on plains Windmills –pumped water for settlers in west Barbed wire – helped farmers protect crops from cattle Dry farming – used moisture stored in soil to water crops instead of rainfall
More Inventions Telegraph – faster and easier communication Railroad – better travel Blue jeans-Levi Strauss made so miners had tough pants
Changes For Native Americans as People Moved To The West *gov. leaders
Effects of people searching for gold in the west Effects of people searching for gold in the west *Boomtowns *increased populations in the west *ghost towns (when people moved on to find gold elsewhere) *conflicts with Native Americans---gov. wanted land to mine for gold
more effects of people searching for gold in the west *dangerous working conditions for some miners *creation of blue jeans *some wealth was found (not much)
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