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Fisher US Review 5

US History Regents Review Packet 5

Militarism Building up weapons and armed forces in preparation for war
Alliances Agreements between nations to assist each other militarily
Triple Alliance WWI military agreement between the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Triple Entente WWI military agreement between the Allied Powers of Great Britain, France, and Russia (and later, the US)
WWI 1914-1918 conflict between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Germany's policy of attacking all ships that enter a zone around the British Isles
Lusitania Passenger ship sunk by Germans in 1915 for entering restricted zone.
Russian Revolution of 1917 Tsar is overthrown, Communist government under Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks gains control
Red Scare Fear of communism spurred by the communist takeover of Russia
Palmer Raids Raids on Communist political party headquarters in 33 cities. 4,000 people arrested and held without charge or legal counsel
Sacco and Vanzetti Italian immigrants convicted of murder and executed in 1921 based on questionable evidence and nativism
Scopes Trial Science teacher John Scopes put on trial, convicted, and fined for teaching evolution
Schenck v US Supreme Court decision that free speech can be restricted during wartime if it creates a "clear and present danger".
Charles Schenck Arrested for violating the Espionage Act when he encouraged men not to report for the draft
Espionage Act 1917 law making it illegal to interfere with the draft
Sedition Act 1918 law making it illegal to say anything disloyal to the US
Versailles Treaty 1919 Agreement ending WWI. Provisions angered Germany
Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson's ideas for creating a lasting peace after WWI. His ideas were included in the Treaty of Versailles
Reparations Payments required of Germany to repair damage done during WWI
Adolf Hitler Fascist dictator of Germany who came to power after WWI
League of Nations Peace keeping organization formed after WWI
Isolation Foreign policy of remaining separate from the problems of other nations
Neutrality Foreign policy of refusing to choose sides in conflicts between other nations
Created by: fisher_lisa
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