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Fisher US Review 2

US History Regents Review Packet 2

National Bank Alexander Hamilton's Idea for a banking system that would strengthen and stabilize the US economy
Strict Constructionists People who favor and exact interpretation of the Constitutional powers of the government
Loose Constructionists People who favor a more broad sense of the Constitution that gives the government more room to act as needed
Federal Supremacy The federal government is more powerful than state or local governments
Monroe Doctrine 1823 foreign policy demanding an end to European colonization of the Western Hemisphere
Manifest Destiny The belief that America should expand its territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Louisiana Purchase Land purchased from France by President Thomas Jefferson; US doubled in size and gained control of port of New Orleans
Homestead Act 1862 law passed to encourage settlement of the Western frontier. Settlers were granted 160 acres of land to farm
Indian Removal Act 1830 law that forced Native Americans to give up their land and move west of the Mississippi River
Trail of Tears Forced removal of Cherokees that led to the death of thousands
Cherokee Nation v Georgia 1831 Supreme Court case that declared the court did not have jurisdiction to hear cases from Indian nations
Worcester v Georgia 1832 Supreme Court decision that a law requiring natives to have a license to live on a reservation was unconstitutional
Reservations Areas of land where Native Americans were forced to move as the US expanded westward
Dawes Act 1887 law that attempted to "Americanize" and break up Native American tribes
Deculturization Process used to teach Native American children to give up their traditional ways and assimilate into American culture
Created by: fisher_lisa