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GA Colony Trustee

GA colony during the trustee period 1732 - 1752

• Member of Parliament • Came up w/ GA colony James Oglethorpe
Name of the ship that the first GA colonist used to get to across the Atlantic Anne
Why was Oglethorpe important to the settlement and colonization of GA? He came up with the idea that a colony be started south of the Carolinas that would help the poor in England
• Granted by King George II • 21 Trustees rule for 21 yrs Charter of 1732
What two rivers served as first boundaries of the new GA colony? How far west did the boundary go? Savannah to Altamaha Rivers all the way to the Pacific O.
What was different about Oglethorpe as a trustee compared to the other 20 trustees? Oglethorpe was only trustee to come to new colony
What was the first settlement for the GA Colony? Savannah
No slavery, rum, Catholics or lawyers. Women couldn’t own land What restrictions were mentioned in the Charter of 1732 (things you could not do in GA)?
What were the three reasons stated in the Charter of 1732 for the creation of GA? 1. Charity 2. Defense 3. Economics
Leader of Yamacraw Indians Tomochichi
Met with Oglethorpe & Mary Musgrove to find location for 1st settlement Tomochichi
Tomochichi suggested to Oglethorpe that the GA settment be at _______________ bluff Yamacraw
How did Tomochichi benefit from befriending Oglethorpe and the British colonists? The Yamacraws needed supplies and found new trading partners
• ½ English & ½ Yamacraw Indian • Bilingual • Owned a trading post along with husband, John Mary Musgrove
Explain two ways that Mary Musgrove (and her husband John) helped the Yamacraw Indians and the British colonists. 1. Served as a translator 2. Provide goods to Yamacraw Indians
How was the 50 acres of land divided up for the new GA colonist? Each head of household male was given 50 acres of land – a lot Savannah, 5 acres to garden just outside town, 45 acres to farm further out of the city
Describe the creation of the city of Savannah and how the location was chosen. • Was designed by William Bull • Began with 4 squares • Each square had 40 lots (called a ward) • Each lot was 60 x 90 ft
• Group of Protestants Germany • First settled 25 mile north of Savannah on the Savannah R * Named the place Ebenezer • Persecuted by Catholics Salzburgers
• Skilled soldiers • Helped to defeat the Spanish • Settled town of Darien along Altamaha R Highland Scots
• GA colonist that were upset about GA colonies rules and regulations (limits on land and no slavery) • Made up mostly of Highland Scots Malcontents
Why did the Salzburgers leave Ebenezer and settle a new settlement, New Ebenezer? Ebenezer was to swampy (mosquitos & poor land for farming)
By the end of the Trustee period what 3 rules or regulations were no longer enforced in the GA colony? 1. Sale of rum 2. Slaves allowed 3. Women could inherit land
What environmental issues did first GA colonist face? • Heat, humidity & mosquitoes • Lack of clean water to drink – led to death of 1st doctor
The __________________grew so angry that they left for SC & wrote a book describing how bad conditions were in GA. Malcontents
Granted the Trustees a charter for the 13th colony Georgia King George II
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