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de- away; deglutition- swallowing away from
deci- one-tenth (1/10)
deep most inward
deka- ten; dekagrams- ten grams
delta fan shaped or triangular; delta symbol
dem/o- people; demography- group of people
demi- half; demigod- half divine
dendr/o- tree shaped
dent/o- tooth or teeth; dental
depress/o- lower; depressor- one who lowers the mood
derm/o- skin; pachyderm- thick skin think of elephents
dermat/o- skin; dermatologist
-desis binding or to bind; ligodesis- to bind ligaments back to the bone
dextr/o- right; dextracardia- referst to the tilting of the heart to the right
dia- across, through, total, between; diaphragm- wall between sections of the body
-didymus testis or teste; epididymos- coiled structure on top of test 'seed producer'
different- to separate
digit- finger or toe
diplo- double or two; diploidy
dips/o- thirst or thirsty; polydispsia- being excessively thirsty
dipther/i- membrane; diptheria- refers to the membrane that they test for in this disease
dis- away from or reversed; disease- away from comfort or ease
dist/o- farther from; distal- being further away
diverticulo- outpouching; diverticulitis- inflamation of the fold (outpouching) of the large intestine
doch/o- duct or canal; choledochitis- inflamation of the bile duct
doct/o- to teach or teacher; doctor- one who teaches
dol/o- pain; dolor- one who is in pain
dors/o- back; dorsal fin
dromo- runnning; dromomania- madness of running
duct/o- to draw or to lead away; abduction- to draw away and steal
duoden/o- twelve; duodenitis- inflamation in part of small intestine with twelve parts
dura- hard; dura mater- hard layer of membrane covering the brain and spinal cord
dy/o- two or a pair; dyad- referring to a pair
dynamo- work or strength; dynamite- explosive strength
-dynia pain; coccygodynia- pain in the tailbone
dys- difficult, faulty, painful; dystocia- difficult birth
-e instrument
e- out or remove; eviscerate- to remove internal organs
ec- outside, outward, outer, out, ectopic pregnacy- pregnacy outside of the uterus
eccrine- secreting or to secrete; eccritic- promoting secretion from body structure
echo- sound
-ectasis enlargement or dilation; bronchiectasis- enlargement of the windpipe
-ectomy excision or removal; tonsillectomy- taking out the tonsils
eczema to boil out; eczema- to boil out skin lessions
edema- swelling; lymphedema- swelling of the lymphnodes
ef- away or out; efferent- to carry away
electr/o- electrical
-ellum lesser or smaller; cerebellum- smaller part of the brain
em- in
embryo- early; embryonic- early in the pregnancy
-emesis vomit; hememesis- vomiting blood
-emia blood; lukemia- white blood
emphysema puffed up
en- in
enamel hard; enamel- hard covering of the tooth
encephalo- within head (referring to the brain); encephalogram- recording wihtin the brain
endo- within or inside; endoderm- within or inside the skin
enema- injection; enema- injection of water in the colon
entero- intestine (usually referring to the small intestine); enteritis- inflamation of the small intestine
enuresis to void or expel urine
eosin/o- rose red color; eosinophil- staining of white blood cells red
epi- upon; epididymis- upon the testes
episi/o- pubic region
ergo- work or labor; ergometer- to measure the amount of work something takes
erythermat/o- red or flushed; erthermatic- referring to red or flushed
erythr/o- red; erythrocyte- red cell that carries oxygen to the body's cells
eschar scab
eso- toward
esthes/i- physical feeling; anesthesia- without physical feeling
estr/o- female; estrogen- begining of the female cycle
eti/o- cause; etiology- origin of a disease
eu- good or normal; eutocia- normal birth
ex- out, outside, outward
facet/o- face; facet- little face
fasc/i- band; fascia- covering around and between muscles
febr/o- fever; febrile- state of having a fever
fec/o- stool or fecal matter; fecolith- stool like stone
femor/o- thigh; femoral- refering to the thigh
-ference to carry; vas deference- to carry away from
ferro- iron; ferrous- state of iron
fet/o- young; fetus
fibrill/o- to quiver; fibrillation- process of muscle fiber contraction (quivering)
fibro- fiber; fibroma- tumor with thread fibrous like structures
fibul/o- to clasp; fibula- smaller out long bone of the lower leg
fil- thread; filament- state of thread
fiss- to split or splitting; fission- refering to splitting
fistul/o- pipe or pipe stem; pyofistula- pus found within a pipe or tube that opens to the body surface
flex- to bend
flu- flowing; influenza- condition of mucus flowing
-flux to flow; reflux- the flow of a substance backward or upward
foramen/o- opening; Foramenal- refering to an opening
fore- before; forearm- before the arm, between the elbow or the wrist
fract/o- to break; fracture- refering to a break
front/o- forehead or before; frontal- pertaining to the forehead
fungi- mushroom
furun/o- boil; furuncle- small boil
galact/o- milk; galactopoiesis- production of milk
gangli/o- knot, swelling, or collection; ganglian- knot of nervous tissue in the brain
gangren/o- eating sore; grangrenous- refering to necrotic tissue
gastr/o- stomach
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