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Chap.6 S.S Vocab

Page 1- Vocab Pg. 4- Inventors Notes

Petroleum Oily,flammable liquid - used to produce Oil.
Patent A Document giving an inventor rights to make and sell their inventions.
Business cycle The Business Cycle was thst had a pattern of good times and bad times in the economy.
Bessemer Steel Process Is a new steel making method, uses less coal. Some steel products include:Plows, Barbed wire, and beams.
Generator Is a machine that produces electric light.
Thomas Edison Was a famous scientist he opened a lab in 1876. His most famous invention: Practical electric light.
Alexander Graham Bell He was a inventor, a teacher that taught the deaf how to reade lips, and he invented the telephone.
Centennial Exibition A exhibition in philedelphia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independance in philedelphia.
Haymarket affair AN aftermath of a bombing that took place at a labor demonstration on tues. May 4,1886 in chicago.
standard time The time for 4 different time zones.
monopoly Is a company that wipes out its competetors and control an industry.
Andrew Carnegie A scottish american industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the steel american industry.
John D rockefeller An American magnate and philanthropist.A co-founder of the oil company, which dominated the oil industry and the first great U.S business trust.
Samuel Gompers An english-born american cigar maker that became a georgist labor union and a key figure in american labor history.
robber baron A business leader that becomes wealthy by dishonest methods.
knights of labor A loose fedaration of workers from different trades.
philanthropists People that gave large sums of money to charites.
AFL (American Fedaration of Labor) A national fadaration of unions in the united states.
Sweatshop A place where workors labored long hours under porr conditions for low wages.
Transcontinental railroad A railroad that could span the whole continent
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