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Chap.6 S.S. Vocab

Pg. 1-Vocab and Pg. 4- Inventors Facts

Petroleum Oily, flammable liquid - used to produce Oil
Patent A document giving an inventor rights to make and sell their inventions
Business Cycle American Industry did not grow at a steady pace, it had its ups and downs.
Generator A machine that produces electric current
Thomas Edison Lived 1847-1931 - Invented The Practical Lightbulb.
Alexander Graham Bell Lived 1847 - 1922 Invented The Telephone
Centennial Exhibition An exhibition in Philadelphia to celebrate Americas 100th birthday
Christopher Latham Sholes Lived 1819 - 1890 Developed the first typewriter.
Elias Howe Lived 1819 - 1867 Made The Sewing Machine
Isaac Singer Lived 1811 - 1875 Invented The Sewing Machine
Jan Matzeliger Lived 1852 - 1889 Patent for the shoe lasting machine in 1883
Trust A legal body created to hold stock in many companies, often in the same industry
Bessemer steel process Process that used one seventh the coal the old process used
Gilded Age A time near 1800, the rich experienced fabulous wealth.
Centennial Exhibition An exhibition made to celebrate Americas 100th birthday
Haymarket Affair Time when a protest was held at the Haymarket, and several people were killed and injured during a rally which police were tring to end
Standard Time System which divided the United States into four different time zones
Monopoly A company that wipes out its competitors and controls an industry
Andrew Carnegie Dominated the steel industry
John D. Reckefeller Dominated the oil industry
Samuel Gompers helped found a new national organization of unions called the American Federation of Labor
Robber Baron A business leader who became wealthy through dishonest methods
Knights of Labor This was a loose federation of workers from all different trades
philanthropist people who give large sums of money to charities
AFL (American Federation of Labor Founded by Samuel Gompers, focused on improving working conditions
Sweatshop places where workers labored long hours under poor conditions for low wages
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad which spanned the entire continent.
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