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8SS Unit 2 all

8SS Unit 2

James Wright Georgia's third Royal Governor; served two decades
Henry Ellis Georgia's second Royal Governor; did not like the heat
John Reynolds Georgia's first Royal Governor; tried to govern w/o members of Governor's Council; angered many colonists
Royal Governor informal term -refers to a colonial governor appointed by a king
government social institution set up to promote and protect society through formal rules and serivices
malcontents those who voiced displeasure with policies of Gen. James Oglethorpe and Trustees during early years of Georgia's settlement
land ownership land owned by an individual
mercantilism trade policy -to increase wealth of country by selling more to other countries than buying from other countries
Trustee Period name of period covering first 20 years of Georgia's history 1732-1752
trustee 21 individuals named by King George in 1732 - govern new colony of Georgia; acted on behalf of others without benefitting personally
Trustee Colony a colony governed by trustees
Royal Colony a colony set up and run directly by the British government in the 1600s and 1700s
New Ebenezer the Salzburger settlement located near Savannah
Darien location where Highland Scots settled in Georgia
Highland Scots group from Scotland-moved to GA colony; settled in Darien; opposed slavery
Salzburgers group of German Protestants-moved to GA colony;settled in New Ebenezer; opposed slavery
savannah first permanent settlement of GA colony
Yamacraw Bluff location of GA's first settlement - Savannah
Buffer Colony one reason the colony of GA was founded; served as a buffer between the Carolinas and the Spanish in Florida
Charter of 1732 legal document granting special rights and privledges
James Oglethorpe founder of GA; known as the 'father of GA'
Mary Musgrove Creek who was translator between James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Tomochichi Creek leader who allowed Oglethorpe to settle on Yamacraw Bluff
slavery forcing another person to spend his or her entire life in service to others
charity help relieve poverty & unemployment; one reason Georgia was founded
defense act of defending someone from attack; one reason Georgia was founded (defend Carolinas from Spanish attack)
economics increase trade & wealth; one reason Georgia was founded
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