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Georgia history test


What restrictions where mentioned in the Charter of 1732? No Catholics, blacks, liquor dealers, lawyers, alcohol, slavery, and gambling.
Why was Oglethorpe important to the settlement and colonization of Georgia? He came up with the idea of the colony and he was the only one of the 21 trustees that came to Georgia.
How did Tomochichi benefit from befriending Oglethorpe and the British colonists? They depended on the Europeans goods and tools to survive. They also had an ally if they are attacked.
What are the two ways that Mary Musgrove and her husband John help the Yamacraw Indians and the British colonists ? 1. She helped translate between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi 2. She helped trade European goods with the Indians.
What were the three reasons for the creation of the Georgia colony? 1. Charity. 2. Economics. 3. Defense
Who designed the layout of Savannah? William Bull
What area of Georgia was colonized by the Highland Scotts? Darien, GA
What area of Georgia was colonized by the Salzburgers? They settled in a town called Ebenezer which was only 25 miles away from Savannah.
Why did the trustees help the Malcontents on their voyage to Georgia? The Malcontents or wealthy enough to pay for their own voyage to Georgia.
What was the purpose of fort Federica? It was to protect Georgia from Spain in Florida.
Why did Oglethorpe return to Great Britain? Because he did not conquer Saint Augustine in the fight against Spain.
What were the three problems that led to the end of the trustee period? 1. People began buying and selling alcohol in 1742. 2. People could own as much land as they could afford 1750. 3. People could own as many slaves as they wanted in 1750.
What is a pillary? A pillary (head and arms in wooden stocks) was built to serve as a punishment for a wrongdoing.
Why were the Malcontents unhappy with the trustees? They wanted to purchase additional land and enslave people to get more wealthy.
What were skilled soldiers from Scotland that helped Georgia defeat the Spanish? The Highland Scotts
Where did Tomochichi lead the European settlers to form their first settlement? He led them to a place called Yamacraw Bluff.
Who oversaw the Georgia colony? 21 trustees and they oversaw the colony for 21 years.
Where did the Georgia colony spread to? It included the land between the Savanna and Altamaha rivers and extended west to the Pacific ocean.
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