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Colinization of GA

James Oglethorpe (facts) Was elected to parliament it age 25. One of the 21 trustees. Born in 1696. Enshish man. Came up with GA colony
Why was Oglethorpe important to the settlement and colonization of Georgia? Because he went to the king and asked if he and 20 other men could create a colony that is now Georgia, today
Charter of 1732 (facts) A document created by King George the second allowing 21 trustees to create a colony… Three purposes are charity, economics, and events… 21 trustees for 21 years
Three reasons for the settlement of Georgia Charity, economics, defense
Tomochichi (facts) Chief of Yamacraw Indians… Led the settlers to Yamacraw bluff, Savannah today… Met with Oglethorpe and Mary Musgrove to find location of the first settlement
James Oglethorpe (date) Was elected to the English Parliament at age 25… Was born in the 1730s… In London England he was born… The ship ann… Savannah Georgia
Charter of 1732 (date) Was created in 1732… Georgia is in between the Carolinas in Florida… Between Savannah – Altimaha – Pacific ocean… City of Savannah was the first settlement
Tomochichi(date) In Georgia, near Savannah… In 1933… Yamacraw bluff
Mary Musgrove (facts) Anna interpreter Oglethorp and tomochichi… her and her husband traded British goods to the Native Americans… One half English one half Yamacraw… Bilingual
Mary Musgrove (date)Why was Cici important to the creation of the colony Georgia? When the settlers came to Georgia, 1733… Off the coast of Savannah/Yamacraw bluff
Why was Tomochichi important to the creation of the colony Georgia? Meeting Tomochichi allowed for a peaceful settling of the first settlement site along the savanna River
Ho did Tomochichi benefit from The befriending of Oglethorpe and the British colonists? They needed supplies and found new trading partners from the British
What are two ways Mary Musgrove and her husband helped the Yamacraw Indians in the British colonists? One – they interpreted two – traded
City of Savannah (Facts) The first settlement of the new Georgia colony… Designed by William bowl… Bull Street… Each head of the household, mail, was given 50 acres of land – a lot, house, 5 acres of garden, and 45 acres of farmland
City of Savannah (date) In 1723, February 12… Yamacraw bluff
Why was the city of Savannah important to the colonization of Georgia? Savanna was the center of trade and the center of government
Salzburgers (facts) A group of German Protestants from Saulsburg Germany,… 25 miles away from Savannah… they came because they didn't like how the Catholics were treating them
Salzburgers (date) They arrived in 1734… From Germany… Most productive
What area of Georgia was colonized by the Salzburgers? The first settlement- Ebenezer… 25 miles away from the north of Savannah… Later moved because the town was to swampy… The new place is called New Ebenezer
Highland Scots (facts) From Scotland… Arrived and settled in Darien … Skill to soldiers… Helped defeat the Spanish
Highland Scots (Date) Arrived in 1735… From Scotland… Danien
Malcontents (facts) From Scottish dissent… A type of highlands… Wanted to purchase land to enslave people… I'm happy with the trustees
Malcontents (date) A rived in 1735… Throughout the Georgia colony
How did the British attempt to protect the colonies from the Spanish? They built a fort called fort Frederica
Why did not the trustees help the malcontents on their voyage to Georgia? Because they were wealthy enough to pay their voyage
Why was the battle of bloody marsh important to the protection of colonization of Georgia? After the battle, Spain never attacked us again
Spanish threat from Florida (facts) Spain colonized Florida, DeSoto's exploration… British built fort Frederica in Georgia to protect the colony… Battle of bloody marsh – Spanish never talk again… Spanish wanted Georgia
Spanish threat from Florida (date ) Georgia's soldiers in 1740… Spanish attacked fort Frederica in 1742
What were three problems that led to the end of the trustee period? One – buying/selling alcohol, rum. two – people wanted to own more land and slaves three – the trustees left
Important people that helped the development of Georgia James Oglethorpe… Tomochichi... Mary Musgrove… Salsburgers… Highland Scott's
Important events that helped the developm of Georgia Charter of 1732… Spanish direct from Florida… Bottle of bloody marsh
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