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Wars for the West

Chapter 2 Section 2

Treaty of Fort Laramie The first major treaty between the U.S. government and Plains Indians
reservations areas of federal land set aside for Native Americans
Crazy Horse The leader of the Sioux Indians that ambushed and killed 81 cavalry troops
Treaty of Medicine Lodge The treaty that led to most southern Plains Indians agreeing to live on reservations
buffalo soldiers African American cavalry
George Armstrong Custer a Lieutenany Colonel who discovered gold in the Black Hills of the Dakotas
Sitting Bull a leader of the Lakota Sioux who protested the United States demands for the land
Battle of the Little Bighorn Sioux forces led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull surrounded and defeated Custer and his troops
Massacre at Wounded Knee the last major incident on the Great Plains
Long Walk a 300 mile march where the Navajos were forced to walk across the desert to a reservation in Bosque Redondo, New Mexico
Geronimo a Chiricahua Apache who avoided capture for many years
Ghost Dance a religious movement that predicted the arrival of paradise
Sarah Winnemucca a Paiute Indian that gave lectures on problems of the reservation system
Dawes General Allotment Act tried to lessen traditioanl influences on Indian society by making land ownership private rather than shared
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